WWE Rumors: Sheamus May Be Cashing In Soon — Will He Try To Take WWE Title From Sting?

Sting is getting his first, and quite possibly his only, ever shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions. He may have a big advantage considering that Seth Rollins will already have to fight John Cena earlier in the evening. Still, Sting may have to watch all sides because rumor has it that Sheamus will be cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase soon, and it could be on “The Vigilante.”

According to Christian Today, Sheamus could very well use his cash-in opportunity at Night of Champions, and that honestly makes a lot of sense.

Seth Rollins is going to have to take part in two match at the pay-per-view. He will have to defend the United States Title against John Cena, and that is bound to take everything out of him, no matter what.

wwe night of champions us title

Then, no matter what happens in that match, he will have to take on Sting for the WWE Title later in the night. Rollins will likely already be exhausted, and then he has to take on a wrestling legend who will be ready to win his first-ever WWE belt.

wwe night of champions wwe title

That WWE Title match could be a prime opportunity for Sheamus to cash in his briefcase and be successful.

If Sheamus waits until the match is well underway, he could come in and take on an absolutely spent Seth Rollins or a tired and 56-year-old Sting. This could be done much in the same way that Rollins cashed in at WrestleMania 31 and pinned a Roman Reigns who had been destroyed by Brock Lesnar for almost half an hour.

Taking things a step further, Sheamus could just wait until the match is over. At that point, he would have only one person to be concerned with, and not have to worry about the other superstar breaking up a pin.

Auburn Pub also believes that Sheamus could end up using Night of Champions to finally use his briefcase. It would be a great time to do it, and he may not find whomever the possible champion is, in a more vulnerable state.

Sting could win the WWE Title from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, but he could end up with a very short title reign. Then again, Sheamus could decide to just cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase during the main event, and take the belt as he pleases, but only time will tell.

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