Chandra Dangi: Shortest Man In The World Dies At 75

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, popularly known as the world’s shortest man, has died. Dangi, who is a native of Nepal, stands at only 1 foot 9.5 inches tall and weights 31 pounds. Chandra Dangi was awarded the recognition of being the world’s shortest man by the Guinness World Records in 2012.

According to a Huffington Post report, Chandra Dangi was suffering from pneumonia and was taken to the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center for treatment as the symptoms of the ailment got worse. The shortest man in the world died on Thursday at the age of 75.

Chandra Dangi had a condition called primordial dwarfism. Though there are some people in the world who have dwarfism, what Dangi had was different, as his organs and bones were smaller than others. According to health experts, people who usually have primordial dwarfism have health issues, but Dangi was said to be “unusually fit” for his condition.

While Dangi was considered the shortest man in the world, he also has three other brothers who are smaller than four feet. His two sisters and two other brothers, however, are of the average height.

As news of Chandra Dangi’s death spread, many expressed their condolences, including the Guinness World Records who released a statement.

“GWR would like to express its sincere and heartfelt condolences to Mr. Dangi’s family in this difficult time. He will be remembered forever as an iconic and extraordinary record holder.”

For most of his life, Dangi was able to avoid the spotlight until Guinness World Records crowned him as the shortest man in the world. Since then, Dangi has been travelling all over the world, which he said was a dream come true, according to a 2014 interview by the Telegraph.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to travel and becoming a Guinness World Records title holder has enabled me to do that.”

Dangi has been to many places around the world, sometimes making appearances with the tallest man in the world and the shortest woman in the world. According to ABC, Chandra Dangi was touring with Samoa’s Tupa’l Bruno’s Magic Circus since early this year. Sujit Dilip, owner of India’s Rambo Circus, also acknowledged the death of Chandra.

“Today, our circus is flooded with tears at the loss of the world’s smallest man… whom we lovingly called Prince Chandra.”

Now that the shortest man in the world has died, the next in succession for the title is said to be Junrey Balawing from the Philippines, who is just two inches taller than Chandra Dangi.

[Image via MMC News]