John David Washington: 'Ballers' Star Is A Dead Ringer For His Dad, Denzel Washington

Nathan Francis

John David Washington gave fans of Ballers that "where do I know you from?" feeling, and there's a good reason why.

The 31-year-old actor is a dead ringer for his father, actor Denzel Washington, a fact that apparently many fans of the show just learned. John David Washington became a hot topic on the internet this week, with his name among the top-searched terms on Google.

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, many people are just learning that the Ballers star, who plays wide receiver Ricky Jerret, is related to Denzel.

— SheTweetsTRUTH (@JonettaMDavis) September 3, 2015

Being the son of a famous father wasn't always great, John David said. Once opposing players found out he was Denzel's son, they used that as trash talk fodder.

"They'd find a way," Washington told Sports Illustrated. "Football players are creative when they're in the moment."

John David Washington is no stranger to the big screen as well. As Essence pointed out, he made his movie debut as a child --- thanks largely to his famous dad.

"At the age of 9, Washington played a student in a Harlem classroom in the classic 1992 Spike Lee joint starring his father Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. In 2010, he worked with his father again, co-producing the post-apocalyptic thriller Book of Eli."
"Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington, has landed his first major acting role. The former American football player will star in Ballers, a TV series produced by Dwayne Johnson, according to"

[Image via HBO]