Kylie Jenner Engagement Rumors Swirl Once Again

Kylie Jenner is engaged, according to several celebrity gossip blogs. It seems like those engagement rumors won't die down anytime soon.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Kylie Jenner is engaged to rapper Tyga. Now it's being reported that Jenner's boyfriend has given her a new diamond ring for her left hand according to a Hollywood Life report published on Friday, Sept. 4. That doesn't mean Jenner and Tyga will announce it to the world anytime soon, according to an inside source.

"They aren't ready to tell everyone so right now they're keeping it a secret from most people."
The alleged inside source told the celebrity gossip site that Kylie is secretly engaged to her "Stimulated" boyfriend. The anonymous source added, "Tyga and Kylie are engaged. He gave her that ring and asked her to marry him."


According to the report, the Jenner teen was spotted wearing a Cartier ring on one of her many social media posts. The insider also confirmed to Hollywood Life that the ring is actually an engagement ring. The ring in question is the same ring that Jenner has worn in her recent Instagram and Snapchat photos. Just because Jenner and Tyga are happy and in love doesn't mean that they want to rush down the aisle anytime soon.

"Kylie is very happy. She's a thousand percent sure that Tyga is the one. They're not in a rush to have a wedding, it's just about knowing they've made the commitment."
It appears that it's only a rumor at the moment, since no other media outlets have yet picked up on this story. There have been rumors for months that Tyga has been planning to propose to Jenner on her 18th birthday, but those never turned out to be true. It was also assumed that the couple would elope around the teen's birthday, but Jenner took to Twitter to quash the rumors.Kylie is no stranger to wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger. She has done it several times by posting mysterious photos on Instagram. Those same photos would then cause fans and the media to wonder if Kylie is actually secretly engaged or married to her "Rack City" boyfriend.


The couple have been showing off their controversial relationship on social media. On Thursday, Sept. 3, Kylie shared a series of Snapchat videos that showed her wearing a face mask in bed.

"I'm having FOMO," Tyga is heard saying in the first clip. Jenner doesn't understand what he meant, and asked him what "FOMO" meant in the second clip.

"Fear of missing out. Why do you have to go to sleep with that thing on your face?" Tyga asked as he looked down at Kylie's beauty mask.

Check out the reality star's recent Snapchat videos at the Kylizzlesnapchats Instagram page.

Speaking of beauty regimens, Kylie Jenner went through a drastic change. The reality star had her hair and eyebrows dyed ashy blonde. Jenner's new look will be featured in Elle Canada.

[Image: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records]