Conor McGregor And Jose Aldo Had To Be Pulled Apart At Press Event


Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo have an ongoing feud, and some people may have been wondering if McGregor and Aldo's feud has calmed down after their fight was scrapped. Fans don't really need to wonder because, on Friday, McGregor and Aldo attended a press event and they had to be pulled apart, according to Bleacher Report. McGregor, the interim featherweight champion, and Aldo, the featherweight champ, got face-to-face during a brief staredown and things almost came to blows.

The entire incident was captured on video, which starts off with Conor McGregor speaking to Jose Aldo from a distance. After McGregor finishes saying what he had to say, the two make their way to Dana White, the UFC president. That's when McGregor and Aldo start to exchange words during the photo-op, and their heads touch. That was when things got intense and someone had to hold McGregor back, while White held Aldo back. That didn't stop McGregor and Aldo from taunting one another.

When McGregor sat back down, he continued to speak, saying that he knows he will be there. McGregor was referring to UFC 194, which takes place in December. The main event is McGregor vs Aldo. When the interim champ continued to speak, Aldo was shaking hands with others and then left. According to Fox Sports, the featherweight champion had to leave the press event because he had to catch a plane back to his home in Brazil, so he could attend a wedding.

McGregor has been busy with the The Ultimate Fighter, and during the last day of filming, he had an encounter with Jose. The interim featherweight champ was asked about this encounter on Friday and he said that he spotted Jose at the gym, so he decided to take a friendly approach. He continued to say that he told Jose that he didn't think he was going to see him again.

The Irishman said he was happy to see Aldo. McGregor also said that he told Aldo that everything is going to be okay and that everything will be over before he knew it. Apparently McGregor told Aldo to show up on December 12, which is when UFC 194 is set to take place.

As for Aldo, he says that when the time comes to fight, McGregor will be defeated. McGregor thinks otherwise, as he told the crowd that every single prediction that he has made, has come true.

[Image By Buda Mendes/Getty Images]