Sienna Miller: ‘Black Mass’ Role As Johnny Depp’s Gal Pal Cut, Tries For Comeback After Jude Law Scandal

Sienna Miller was cut from Black Mass, which is earning kudos for Johnny Depp and Scott Cooper. But while Depp’s acting role and Cooper’s masterful direction received extensive applause, Sienna had already been slashed from the film reels, reported MSN.

Black Mass features Johnny playing Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger, who got two life sentences for charges that included murder. In addition to Depp, Joel Edgerton stars as an FBI agent and Benedict Cumberbatch as a senator.

Miller initially was featured as Whitey’s gal pal. But director Cooper explained that he felt it better served the plot to eliminate Sienna’s role. Miller would have played a character whose central role occurred later in Whitey’s life, which the director felt would have detracted from the narration.

The movie title is derived from the book Black Mass: The True Story Of An Unholy Alliance Between The FBI And The Irish Mob. But the film itself has been through some unusual alliances. It began with Universal and Cross Creek in terms of producing and distributing deals, with Barry Levinson as director. Cooper then set over to helm, follow by Warner Bros to take on the role of co-financing and distributing.

And the director emphasized that it was only due to the plot and desire for the best film possible rather than Sienna’s acting that he made the decision to cut Miller from Black Mass, reported the Boston Globe.

“It came down to narrative choices,” clarified Cooper.

Sienna had been working hard on the film, even attempting to learn a Boston accent. Miller revealed that she wanted to shine in Black Mass by viewing movies relevant to her role.

“I was sort of religiously watching every film ever set in South Boston: ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘Gone Baby Gone,’ ‘The Town’… Catherine had a thick accent, so I hope I do it justice,” she added of the character that she played.

After all that work, Sienna’s attempt to continue her return to fame after the Jude Law scandal has been affected with the decision to cut Miller from Black Mass, pointed out Newsweek.

She was completely excised from the movie. But the good news for Sienna’s career overall is that both Foxcatcher and American Sniper have helped to revive her acting fame.

Once a model, Miller started acting with Jude in Alfie. They became engaged shortly after the movie was released.

But the charm of their romance changed to scandal when Law had an affair with their babysitter, which also impacted Miller’s professional rise.

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