Surfing In High Heels And A Little Black Dress? No Problem For Maud Le Car [Video]

High heels and a little black dress aren’t exactly part of the standard surfing kit, but professional surfer Maud Le Car somehow makes it work. In a recently posted video, the 15th-ranked female surfer not only proved that it’s possible to ride the waves in strappy high heels — she also made it look good.

In a recent tweet, Le Car indicated that she had lost a bet, and that attempting to surf in high heels, while being videotaped, was the consequence.

The video opens with a scene of friends sharing wine at the beach, but it quickly switches to a shot of a barefoot Le Car moving with purpose toward the water, high heels in one hand, board in the other.

When Le Car reaches the water, the shoes go on, and the gloves come off. Still wearing her little black dress, the pro surfer paddles out and catches a wave, springing to her feet and somehow managing to stay there.

Although Le Car’s tweet claimed that the video was shot as the consequence of losing a bet, Daily Mail reports that some have postulated that it was intended as an advertisement for Para’Kito.

Para’Kito, a company that produces natural mosquito repellents, is one of Le Car’s sponsors, and their site is linked from the YouTube video’s description, alongside the site of AlmoFilm, the production company that both filmed and uploaded the video.

It isn’t immediately clear what surfing in high heels has to do with mosquito repellent, but it doesn’t exactly matter, either. The whole thing may be nothing more than a publicity stunt, but it’s still an impressive feat. High heels can be painful and difficult to walk in to begin with, let alone surfing in them.

According to AlmoFilm, the message behind the short has something to do with glamour. Or athleticism. Or maybe both?

“Pro surfer Maud Le Car wants you to know that female pro surfers can look glamor and talented at the same time. She wants to prove that surfing is not just about glamor. Surfing is one of the most physically demanding sports there today. Share the video with your friends and don’t forget to leave us a comment.”

Whatever the reasoning, Maud wasn’t actually the first woman to take a go at surfing in high heels. Earlier attempts may not have received as much traction, but they’re still pretty impressive.

Others have surfed in dresses while ditching the high heels.

Each year women and men gather at Bondi Beach as part of the Surfers in a Dress movement, forgoing traditional beachwear and hitting the waves in dresses. The initiative helps raise money for One Girl, which is a charity that is focused on educating girls in Africa.

High heels or not, that sounds like a worthy cause.

[Screenshot: AlmoFilm/YouTube]