New 'Legion' Details Revealed At Dragon Con, 'World Of Warcraft' Players Might See Account-Wide Transmog Options

With Dragon Con 2015 now underway, and Blizzard Entertainment's Jonathan LeCraft present, new Legion news is being revealed for the first time since its announcement at Gamescom. Notable details like the Demon Hunter's starting level, changes to professions, and the updated transmogrification system are publicized in the panel.

With MMO-Central and Elvine in attendance, MMO-Champion provided a handy recap of what the senior game designer revealed during the Legion panel at Dragon Con. The new hero class, Demon Hunter, will start at 98, just two levels under the current level cap in World of Warcraft. Their double jump will not be disabled anywhere in the game, and their transformation mechanic will be short "with inner demon visuals."

Of course, there are 11 other classes in World of Warcraft and none will be left behind when Legion launches. Most of the specializations are getting revamped with some even being renamed. Players were first informed at Gamescom that the Survival specialization for Hunters is going to return to using melee weapons, for example. LeCraft expanded on this and announced that the specialization will have a Harpoon ability that functions like Death Grip.

World of Warcraft
A screenshot of Legion content in World of Warcraft

The big profession news is that they will no longer have daily cooldowns. A few profession items will come from dungeon loot and the upgrade system from Warlords of Draenor will continue. However, the upgrade system will be different this time around. Players will completely destroy a crafted item in order to retrieve a new Obliterium resource needed to upgrade crafted items.

Finally, the major transmogrification change mentioned as a feature for Legion on the official site was touched on a bit during the panel. Developers are still stating that the new system will be similar to the feature in Diablo 3. Account-wide unlocks are a staple of the Mystic system in Diablo 3 and LeCraft pointed out that if the new system in World of Warcraft is account-wide, the character trying to use an item for transmog must be the appropriate class to otherwise equip it.

The list of things not occurring in Legion is also expanding. Players should not expect to see Gnome Hunters, a major Moonkin model update, or the return of Mulitstrike. The tabard tab is also not a part of the expansion but the changes to the transmog system might free up that needed bag or bank space.

Legion will also raise the level cap to 110, introduce new Artifact weapons for all the specializations in World of Warcraft, and redesign the PvP Honor system completely. As the Inquisitr recounted, players will also lead members of their class with the new Order Halls feature. Although similar to the way Garrisons worked in Warlords of Draenor, Order Halls will be very different with the feature's Champions being more impactful to gameplay than the Garrison's Followers were.

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