WWE News: Bruce Hart Claims That Tyson Kidd’s Career Is Likely Over

After suffering a neck injury that later proved to be nearly fatal, former WWE Tag Team champion Tyson Kidd will likely never wrestle again, as stated by Bruce Hart during an appearance on Main Event Madness (via Wrestling News).

Bruce, the older brother of Bret “The Hitman” Hart, discussed the events surrounding Kidd and his injury. The 64-year-old Hart claims that after returning to the locker room from his match versus Samoa Joe, Kidd complained about his neck bothering him. WWE officials allegedly ignored his complaint.

“I was taken aback when I heard about, just the way WWE handled it. He injured his neck quite badly in that match with Samoa Joe. I was told when he [Tyson Kidd] was in the dressing room after, one agent, he indifferently said ‘go take your shower’. [Kidd] said no my neck is really f***ed up and I was told he said ‘we’re not going to pay for an ambulance’ and they were almost making it out like he was a hypochondriac.”

Without help from WWE, Kidd had to go out of his way and find help for himself, according to Hart. Therefore, Kidd and his wife, former WWE Divas champion Natalya, got in a car and drove around San Antonio, Texas, looking for a hospital to get Kidd medical attention.

It was then that Kidd and Natalya learned about the severe nature of his injury, which was previously reported on the Inquisitr.

“My niece Nattie, his wife, they said if you wanted to go to the hospital it’s your choice. She set out for the hospital and got lost in San Antonio and she finally got there after some kind of driving around. When they got there, they did the CT scans and MRIs and immediately determined that it was a near fatal injury. It was a fraction of an inch from either being a fatality or a paralysis from the neck down type thing.”

After receiving the news, Kidd notified the WWE about his dire condition and that he needed surgery for a severely injured neck. There were few places that could actually perform that kind of surgery, and Kidd needed help, fast. That is when WWE footed the bill, transported Kidd to the proper medical facility, and Kidd got the surgery he needed done. But it wasn’t cheap.

“They notified the WWE of this, and I was told there were only three or four places in the US where they can perform this type of microsurgery that would stabilize and do what they needed to for his neck. They had to, at that point, charter a some kind of air ambulance from San Antonio to Florida, which was the closest place that did that type of surgery. I heard that cost $100,000 and they had to fly him back for that.”

Several months have gone by since Kidd underwent surgery and began the recovery process. Considering the severity of his injury, Kidd’s chances of rehabilitating his neck to wrestle again are slim to none. Even Bruce’s brother Bret has expressed concern with Kidd’s future in wrestling in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

But the WWE, according to Hart, has not even reached out to Kidd since he was hurt.

“At this point I was told they haven’t made any contact, WWE hasn’t called, some of the wrestlers have called TJ, as I know him. At this point as far as I’ve been told it’s certain his career’s over and that he’s fortunate to not be a paraplegic.”

[Image via WWE]