One Direction, Justin Bieber Records: 1D May Not Care For YouTube

One Direction has been well-known for breaking world records over the years, but they may have lost at least one to Justin Bieber. Regardless, it appears that One Direction may not care if it loses world records with websites that do not support them financially.

In particular, One Direction has good reasons to be mad at YouTube. 2015 has been very unforgiving to YouTube and Spotify — and major bands and record labels might be in the process of starting to give up on them.

According to a Digital Trends report from July 28, insiders at One Direction’s music label, Sony, have stated the following about Spotify and YouTube.

“They are not serious about monetizing music on behalf of the creators and, as a result, music companies are realizing they have to reset the current relationship.”

On August 7, Music Business headlined an article with “How to ignore YouTube completely: One Direction’s radical gamble.” They report the following about One Direction getting out of the YouTube game.

“Search YouTube for 1D’s new comeback single ‘Drag Me Down,’ and you’ll discover Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam are nowhere to be found. Sony won’t confirm it, but the major [record label] appears to have a task force stamping out any attempt to upload the track onto the platform. Why? Because One Direction are using their colossal social media presence… to actively push fans towards iTunes and Spotify instead.”

Despite taking a stand against one area of the internet, One Direction has been breaking more records with websites than losing them. The Daily Mail points out September 2 that One Direction has officially made it into the Guinness World Record book six times — and most of these records are website-related.

The latest induction is for “most followers on Twitter for a music group; 23,393,106.” Interestingly, one of One Direction’s world records is for YouTube. Allegedly, they have the record for “most subscribers for a band on YouTube (36,817,975 views).”

Recently, One Direction learned the news that their top spot record on Spotify was lost to Justin Bieber. Billboard Magazine reports the following on September 4.

“Spotify said Thursday (Sept. 3) that Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?’ was streamed more than 21 million times in just five days. The song sets a new record in the U.S. and globally, and surpassed the 20 million streams that One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ launched in its debut week.”

As far as other One Direction world records go, there appears to be some improvements. For example, since they announced their hiatus, Forbes reported on August 28 that the news has increased One Direction’s ticket sales.

[Feature image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]