Amy Schumer Sick Of Media Constantly Pitting Women Against Each Other

When female celebrities such as Amy Schumer or Jordin Sparks step out in the same ensemble as a peer in the entertainment business, within a similar time frame, the media has a tendency to offer fans and onlookers an impromptu vote. The vote generally involves a variation on the question "Who wore the outfit better?"

Well, recently it was, in fact, Ms. Schumer and Ms. Sparks along with Fergie who coincidentally each wore the same designer outfit on separate occasions. Of course, that expected and anticipated question which is most certainly always posed when multiple beauties are seen in the same outfit, was immediately tweeted out to the Twitterverse.

The Fashion Spot, an NYC-based fashion outlet which is described as "your one-stop fashion destination: the latest runway shows, celeb & beauty trends, and fashion tips for every budget" was first to jump on the chance to offer a vote between the three ladies to their followers. Amy Schumer soon replied to the tweet in a poignant and pertinent manner.Today relays that Jordin Sparks, who wore the exact outfit being made the subject of comparison on The Today Show, then "jumped in on the conversation" via Twitter.Schumer then veered the "who wore it better" poll in a completely different direction by posting a tweet of herself on the subway in a rain poncho, clearly attempting to comically draw attention to the ridiculousness of comparisons made about women's figures in similar attire. It appears as though Schumer made her point.Sparks was all for entertaining the idea posed by the Trainwreck star and was quick to point out that "all" women wore it best. Refinery29 examined the typical manner in which women are viewed within the industry.
"One thing that makes comparing women wearing the same outfit weird is the fact that male celebs rarely, if ever, get lumped into these kinds of roundups. Plus, it too often becomes a 'Who has the best body?' conversation disguised as 'so-and-so star styled the dress with a nude heel, while that other star went with a crazy clutch.'"
Although the back and forth, initiated by Schumer, resulted in a important point being made in regards to the tendency to constantly compare and pit women against one another within the world of entertainment, Fergie was absent from the exchange. It is clear that all three women truly did rock that chic look and brought their own flavor to the ensemble.

[Photo by Luis Ascui/Getty Images]