UFO Photographed By Rosetta Probe Flying From Comet 67P — Space Agency Describes Object As Boulder

A UFO seems to appear in a Comet 67P image released by the European Space Agency last month, appearing to take off from the surface of the comet and shoot directly out into space — at least according to one prominent online UFO researcher who posted a video on Thursday explaining why he believes the object is not what the ESA says it is.

Namely, a boulder.

According to NASA, the dozens, maybe hundreds, of boulders that dot the surface of the comet revealed by the Rosetta probe are perhaps the comet’s most intriguing and distinctive features.

“Apart from their size distribution, which is being measured through careful analysis of the images, almost all other properties of 67P/C-G’s boulders are still a mystery to researchers,” wrote NASA on its online Rosetta site. “What are they made of? What are their physical properties, including density and stability? How were they created?”

In May, the Rosetta probe revealed a startling boulder formation of rocks that appeared to be balancing on edge. Their formation led some observers to label that puzzling formation as “Stonehenge in space.” Read previous Inquisitr coverage of that odd discovery at this link.

Last year, the ESA said that strange radio signals, which the agency described as a “song,” were emanating from the comet — and one UFO researcher declared the “song” to be the real reason that the comet was targeted for exploration by the deep space probe.

Now Scott C. Waring, editor of the popular UFO Sightings Daily blog, has connected the “song” to the alleged UFO, or “boulder,” in the following image, released by the ESA on August 13.

“This UFO was labeled as a boulder by the ESA, but we can easily see that this object has wings,” Waring wrote on his blog. “This UFO looks like its flying balanced, without turning and twisting in fast circular motions as all boulders would do. There is no spinning at all. Instead we see two wings bent downwards and the UFO moves off.”

Waring goes on to state that the UFO could, itself, be the source of the “song.”

“This alien craft could be what is sending the signal for the last 20 years. It was the song that caused scientists to make a satellite to send to it…to investigate,” he wrote.

Waring isolated the object from the ESA photographs, in an attempt to demonstrate that the flying object was no boulder, but in fact a disc-shaped spacecraft from another world.

In the video made by Waring and viewable on this page, above, the researcher also points out a phenomenon that was not noticed by the ESA — a blinking light that appears to turn on and off at the same time that the “alien craft” leaves the comet’s surface.

For a further explanation of these anomalies, see Waring’s explanation of the supposed UFO on Comet 67P, discovered by the Rosetta probe, in the researcher’s video.

[Image: European Space Agency]