Burglars Feed Broken Glass To Family Dog, Police Seek Help In Finding Suspects

Burglars fed shattered glass to a family’s dog after ransacking the home, and police in Freemont, California, are now asking for the public to help find the men responsible.

The incident happened this week on the 40800 block of Amapola Drive, with residents of the home returning to find the break-in caught on surveillance video.

The footage showed suspects looking through the home’s windows and eventually smashing their way in through a sliding glass door, CBS San Francisco reported. After tearing apart the home and stealing an estimated $2,000 worth of jewelry, the suspects reportedly turned their attention to the family’s dog.

The suspects allegedly served the dog cookies on top of the shattered glass, causing the dog to cut its tongue and making its mouth bleed.

Police in Freemont have released footage of the break-in, and are asking the public to help identify the men who allegedly fed glass to the dog.