Comedian Damon Wayans Blasts Tracy Morgan and Cosby Accusers [VIDEO]

Damon Wayans stopped by New York City’s Power 105.1 radio station early Friday morning, and the veteran comedian adopted a take no prisoners attitude.

During his interview on Charlamane Tha God’s morning show, The Breakfast Club, Wayans spoke about fellow comedian Tracy Morgan. TMZ reports that Tracy Morgan came up in a conversation about performers who have financial independence, and how it keeps them from connecting with the audience. Wayans mentioned that Morgan received a $90 million settlement from Walmart, and he implied that audiences won’t connect with Morgan the way they did before the settlement.

“I wouldn’t have taken the money,” Wayans said.

Tracy Morgan was severely injured in 2014 when a driver operating a Walmart 18-wheel truck crashed into Morgan’s limousine bus. One passenger who was a close friend of Morgan, comedian James McNair, died in the crash.

Tracy Morgan’s representatives told TMZ that Wayans and Morgan are not in contact and haven’t been in contact since before the accident. Morgan’s representative also pointed out that Wayans has no way of knowing the details of the settlement because the details are confidential.

Madame Noir reports that Wayans’ most controversial statements during The Breakfast Club came when he shared his opinion of the rape accusations against veteran comedian Bill Cosby. When asked what advice he would give to Cosby, Wayan’s said,

“Tell the truth. If I was him, I would divorce my wife, wink wink, give her all of my money, then I would go through a deposition. I would light one of those three-hour cigars, have some wine and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off, because I don’t believe he was raping them. I think he was in relationships with all of them, and then he was like, ‘It’s 78, it don’t work no more. I can’t get it up for any of y’all. Bye b*thces.’ And then they were like, ‘Oh really? Rape!'”

Wayans went on to say that he doesn’t believe the woman are telling the truth because some of the alleged rapes occurred 40 years ago, but the women are only coming forward now. When The Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee pointed out that some women did come forward before, Wayans doubled down and called some of the women “unrapeable.”

“I understand fame. I’ve lived it. Women will throw themselves at you. They just wanna be in your presence. There’s some that will innocently come up there, but not 40 something women. They’re not that naïve. You’re telling me in 1965, he just walked into someone’s dressing room and put his penis in they mouth?”

Wayans blamed Cosby’s legal woes on his apparent shunning of the African-American community, particularly young African-American men. As evidence, Wayans cited Stephen Collins and Woody Allen, two prominent Caucasian entertainers whose careers apparently survived their respective sex scandals.

“You know what Cosby did wrong, he started criticizing young Black men, and he lost us. And they see that opening, so it’s like you know what? Attack him. But the dude from ‘7th Heaven,’ his show is still on TV. Woody Allen [is] still making shows and movies. If it was my daughter, I would have killed Bill Cosby. But just sitting back looking at it, I just don’t believe it. I think it’s a money hustle.”

Wayans backtracked near the end of the interview, saying that he felt sorry for any women Cosby raped, but that he didn’t believe any existed. Wayans also said that he felt sorry for comedian Hannibal Buress, who’s stand up comedy re-ignited the Cosby rape scandal in 2014. Wayans claimed that Buress’ fame and Comedy Central were a gift because he “took down Bill Cosby,” and he added that Buress isn’t “ready for prime time.”

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]