Dawn Spears Blamed For Getting In The Way Of Daughter Leah Messer’s Treatment Plans

Dawn Spears, the mother of Leah Messer, caused quite a lot of drama during last night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2.

After Messer left town to receive treatment for alleged issues of depression and stress, Dawn Spears was seen dropping her twins, Ali and Aleeah, 5, off to their father, Corey Simms, who failed to agree to allow the girls to visit Messer on Mother’s Day. Because Dawn Spears refused to reveal where she would be taking the twins, Simms informed her he was not okay with the idea. Then, moments later, Dawn Spears called Messer to inform her Simms may not give her girls back to her once she returns to treatment.

“You think he would be supporting you when you’re having some medical issues,” Dawn Spears told her daughter.

“It had my nerves tore up. I don’t think he’s gonna give you your girls when you come home.”

While Dawn Spears felt Messer’s daughters may be withheld from her if she went through with her plan for rehab, Simms hinted that was far from the case during a conversation with his father several scenes later.

“Not only did [Dawn Spears] screw Leah’s life up, but she also screwed my kids’ lives,” Simms told his father, Jeff, according to an OK! Magazine report on September 4. “She wants to get help, let her get the help so she can be a better mom to my kids.”

On Facebook, many fans appeared to agree with Simms that Dawn Spears was doing more harm then good with her comments to Messer, and felt she should have told Simms where she planned on taking the girls without hesitation.

“[Dawn Spears] was WRONG! She put words in his mouth. All he wanted was your location and he has a right especially in case of an emergency! You mom got in the way of your treatment because shes being over dramatic!!!

“[Dawn Spears] was out of line when she refused to tell Corey where the treatment center was located. To allow the girls to go with her, without having idea where they would be, would have been NEGLIGENT parenting. He did the right thing.”

In April, prior to her daughter Leah Messer entering treatment, Dawn Spears took to Facebook, where she denied the reality star and mother of three was heading to treatment.

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[Photo via Facebook]