Delta Goodrem Says She Didn’t Steal New Song From Arcade Fire

Singer Delta Goodrem’s newest single allegedly owes quite a lot to another song by the band Arcade Fire. Critics say that the singer outright copied a part of the song, causing Goodrem to comment that the similarity represents “a bit of a storm in a teacup.”

Fans of the Canadian band Arcade Fire were quick to point out similarities between Goodrem’s “Sitting On Top Of The World”, and one of the group’s best known tracks, “Rebellion (Lies)”. Darren Cross, formerly of Australian electro act Gerling, said on his blog that Goodrem “totally rips of Arcade Fire” in her new single, which is the first single to be released by The Voice judge after a four-year hiatus. Fans of Goodrem have defended the singer on her website,, saying “As if Delta would’ve heard of this no-name band and ‘ripped them off’. A chord is a chord … no one can claim direct ownership to a chord.”

For herself, Goodrem has said that she didn’t take cues from Arcade Fire for her new single, which is meant to signal a comeback for the singer. “I hadn’t heard of (Rebellion (Lies))until that moment and then I checked it out and was blown away,” she said. “They’re incredible. I think the whole thing was a bit of a storm in a teacup.”

Despite this, Cross maintains that Arcade Fire has an axe to grind with Goodrem, and should consider suing. Goodrem doesn’t seem phased by the alleged similarities, and is planning on taking her new music on tour. “I don’t known if (the album) is actually dated but I know I tour pretty quickly,” she said. “I was listening to the new stuff earlier actually and visualising the tour.”

Goodrem hasn’t been without her haters, even for her work on The Voice. Responding to criticism, she said, “I have weathered many different storms and I know who I am and my friends know who I really am,” Goodrem said.

In any case, here are videos of both Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)” and Goodrem’s new single “Sitting On Top Of The World”. Decide for yourself whether or not The Voice judge is a thief of intellectual property, or if the similarities amount to a “storm in a teacup”, whatever that means.

Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)”:

Delta Goodrem’s “Sitting On Top Of The World”: