November 8, 2016
Niall Horan 'Running For President,' Finding Solace In Celebrities

In the world of Niall Horan, fans are more likely to find he is intertwined with celebrities than his other One Direction mates. As it appears, Niall Horan is spending most of his summer enjoying the celebrity life in America -- and he joked that he might be running for President of the United States.

Of course, fans are aware that Niall Horan has been feeling rather alienated from regular people lately, and that is why he may be finding solace with other celebrities. In particular, during his "On the Road Again" tour with One Direction, Liam Payne and Niall Horan said that the fans and their "chases" were getting out of hand, according to the Standard.

In other words, Niall Horan may be finding that it is lonely at the top and likes to hang out with other celebrities who understand his pain. Alternatively, perhaps it is celebrities who are drawn to Niall Horan and not the other way around.

Hollywood Life reports Niall Horan's most recent outing with a celebrity happened on September 3 when he visited Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello in New York. In fact, it appears that Cabello had a chance to hang out with everyone from One Direction but seemed more drawn to Niall Horan.

The tone of this mutual interest between Niall Horan and Cabello seemed to carry on via Twitter after their hang out. Cabello tweeted Niall Horan to tell him he sounded amazing at his show, and Niall tweeted back and called her "darling."

Adding to that, the family members of celebrities also seem drawn to Niall Horan. For example, when Niall Horan attended the U.S. Open, the twin sister of tennis star Eugenie Bouchard hung out with Niall during the event.

The Daily Mail states on September 3 that Beatrice Bouchard tweeted Niall Horan to thank him for supporting her sister's match. Niall Horan immediately replied to her tweet stating, "Hahaha No problem Genie.. Nice to meet you... X."

Also chilling with Niall Horan at the U.S. Open was comedian and actor Jamie Foxx. According to a Bustle report on September 3, Foxx tweeted that Niall Horan was a "great guy" and Niall said Foxx was a "really nice person."

However, could Niall Horan be getting friendly with celebrities because he is about to run for President of the United States? Although Niall Horan does not fit the requirements to become the U.S. president, according to the Library of Congress, he did tell fans he was considering it.

Was it just a joke? A September 3 article from Teen Vogue says Niall Horan told the audience at his concert in Philadelphia that he was running for office -- but he was mocking Kanye West's VMA speech.

[Feature image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images]