Fredrik Eklund Victim Of Homophobic Attacks: ‘MDLNY’ Star Speaks Out

Fredrik Eklund is a fun, bubbly, and exciting personality on Million Dollar Listing. Eklund is always sharing everything from his life, including his relationship with his husband, their wedding, and, of course, his successes in real estate. But since Eklund is putting himself on television, he is getting quite the backlash from some people, who don’t support him being gay. Some people are downright offended by Eklund’s posts, even though they know that he is married to a man.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that she is shocked at the messages he has been receiving on social media from Million Dollar Listing: New York viewers. And sadly, the messages are not always positive and supportive.

“I received a bunch of stupid comments here the last few days and I want to respond to them now. This is my feed, my life, my posts and I do what I want here. If you don’t like it, or who I am, please unfollow me now. Yes, like right now. I’m all about love and positivity. I have never asked for more followers, and especially not people with nasty comments. If anything, I would like less followers if it means more loving, positive people,” Fredrik revealed in his Instagram post.

“I don’t allow any negativity in my life, and refuse to see the world in that way. I don’t think anyone should. Yes, I’m gay. You might hate it. But understand I’m gay and I’m really happy with it. So just get over it or move on. I’m in love with another man and we’re going to be dads, and I’ll post as many photos of me and my HUSBAND kissing as I want. Yes, we are married and it’s legal. This week I’ve been called a faggot, that I’m going to hell, that I’m pathetic, all because of my love, and that’s not ok. Not ok at all,” Fredrik Eklund explains.

Eklund goes on to explain that he does sell expensive real estate and that he does make good money. Fredrik explains that he can’t take ownership of the fact that New York is expensive to live in, and that artists are struggling to live in Manhattan. Apparently, Fredrik is often dealing with hateful comments and hate-speech, which is outrageous considering how much the world has progressed in terms of gay rights. As Fredrik points out, his marriage to Derek is legal and it should be celebrated.

“This is what I do for a living, I’m proud of it, and I’m just getting started. Dear hater, BYE BYE! I’m glad you are pushing the unfollow button right about now. I can’t wait to see my followers come down,” Eklund explains, adding that he can’t wait to share his life with the people who do care and support him for who he is.

It will be interesting to see how Fredrik Eklund will handle becoming a father now that he has received so many hurtful comments on social media. One can imagine that he wants to share this joy with his devoted fans on social media, but perhaps the hateful followers will try to make the experience a bad one for him.

What advice would you give Fredrik Eklund?

[Image via Instagram]