‘River Raft Nightmare’: Lifetime Movie On Tonight—-A Similar True Story Happened Before

River Raft Nightmare is a thrilling new suspense movie that is slated to air on Lifetime TV tonight. River Raft Nightmare is also known as Eyewitness. Produced by Hybrid, Monogram Pictures, River Raft Nightmare centers around a mother and daughter who set off on a river rafting trip, but whose lives turn upside down after they are separated from their group and led right into the path of three dangerous men who have just killed a man. What is worse is a teenage rafter has witnessed the murder and is seen by one of the killers. In an effort to make their getaway, the men kidnap the mother and teen daughter and demand that they raft them all to safety. Will this mother and daughter survive these mad men and the perilous river?

River Raft Nightmare is directed and written by Fred Olen Ray and stars, Brigid Brannagh as Sharon, Ivan Sergei as Frank, Tim Abell as Cole, Leah Bateman as Cassie, Dannie Booko as Jimmy, and Perry King as Sheriff Lee Decker, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

The movie is not touted as a true-story movie, but we love guessing where the writers get their inspiration, right? It just so happens that there are a couple of cases involving persons who were kidnapped or ambushed while rafting on the river.

In 1988, Mexican teen snipers shot at an innocent raft party as they rode along the Rio Grande. In that river raft attack, a man died as he tried to save his wife. The raft guide was also injured. Several others survived the harrowing ordeal. The boys were eventually arrested.

In 1997, Ken Suttles, a science teacher, and three of his students were taken hostage by a gunman who threatened them as they finished up a rafting trip along the Ocmulgee and Altamaha rivers. The three students, ages 13, 17, and 18, were terrified as they were shot at while on the raft. All of them survived the attack.

As for River Raft Nightmare, Lifetime movie lovers will enjoy the crisp cinematography. The raging rivers and the lush green backdrop is sure to offer the right amount of serenity and a sense of danger at the same time. The movie is also slightly reminiscent of the 1994 movie The River Wild. In that movie, which starred Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon, a female rafting guide deals with two armed killers as she battles a rough river. River Rafting Nightmare film director Fred Olen Ray is known for movies such as Sexy Urban Legends, Sexual Witchcraft, and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, as stated in North Jersey.

River Raft Nightmare airs tonight at 8/7 central on Lifetime, according to The Los Angeles Times. Below you’ll find the tease and trailer. Communicate with other Lifetime movie lovers on social media using hashtag #RiverRaftNightmare. The Inquisitr has covered several Lifetime movies, such as Fatal Flip and Sugarbabies.

“A mother and daughter’s white-water rafting trip becomes a nightmare when they encounter three escaped convicts searching for a hidden satchel of stolen cash. Separated from their rafting party, alone on an isolated river, they must struggle to survive against overwhelming odds.”

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