Farrah Abraham Not Comfortable With Flirting? Abraham Freaks Out On ‘CBB’

Farrah Abraham may have experienced several propositions or dates after her sex tape was released last year, but Abraham revealed on Teen Mom that she struggled to find the right guy. On the previous season of the show, Farrah had found someone who enjoyed her company, but it sounds like the romance was short-lived. It is possible he was using her to promote his company and get on television — even if it was just for a few episodes of Teen Mom.

These days, Farrah Abraham is spending time in the UK, filming Celebrity Big Brother with a handful of other American celebrities. Abraham is joined by Jenna Jameson, Janice Dickinson, and a handful of British stars. But there is one star who really wants to impress Farrah. James Hill had been flirting with Farrah this week, but she shut him down.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Farrah Abraham may enjoy all of the attention she is getting, but she isn’t enjoying it from James. Apparently, he had been flirting with her, but she shut him down. In fact, she took it one step further and threatened physical violence if he got close to her. It sounds like she doesn’t enjoy flirting.

Hill had asked Farrah what kind of guys she was looking for, and she described someone who was the complete opposite of him. When Jenna confronted Farrah about the flirting and joked around with her, Abraham took a serious approach.

“I’d probably break his d***,” Farrah revealed in a weird comeback that shocked Jenna.

It is interesting that Farrah Abraham is flirting with some of the houseguests, especially since she was one of the more hated people going in. During the first couple of days, Abraham managed to anger many of the houseguests, and she didn’t help out with anything around the home.

In addition, Abraham has argued with some of her American co-stars. Farrah and Dickinson managed to get into an argument over Farrah eating berries with her hands and not using a fork. This was too much for Janice, who told her it was unsanitary. But Janice may have bigger issues to worry about. According to the Mirror, Janice had an allergic reaction to a bee sting and was sent to the hospital. She suffered a seizure, but she is doing well now. She is back in the house, even though the bite could have been fatal.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s behavior in the home?

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