Katy Perry Or Katy Petty? Pop Diva Livid Over Claims She Sent ‘C-Word’ Text [Video]

Did Katy Perry make ugly comments in a text message to one of her fans? That’s what the Mirror claimed, and the pop diva is not happy about it.

The entire matter began at a recent concert. Katy is currently on her “Prismatic World Tour,” and Stuff reports that one eager fan threw her phone on stage so that the “Dark Horse” singer could take a selfie.

While looking at the fan’s phone, Katy noticed someone had written a not-too-nice remark about her ability to perform live.

“The last one says, ‘[LOL], I heard she can’t sing live at all!’ Alright, let’s send him a message!”

As fans cheered, Katy Perry typed out a message in response to the diss and then took a selfie.

She declared, “He’s not going to be too happy about that!”

So what did Katy Perry say to the anti-fan?

Well, nothing nice, according to the Mirror. The outlet posted a screen cap of Katy Perry’s selfie followed by this alleged (and rather obscene) reply.

“You never thought I would see this chat, you d**kless monkey. You have no b**ls, p***y. C**t.”

One of Katy Perry’s fans tweeted her about the article and the “bad reporting” on the part of the Mirror. She was understandably upset. E! News reports the pop diva emphatically denied sending the text, saying that she’d “never use the c-word.”

The fan who was named and shamed in the original text message did reach out to Katy Perry and apologized for any offense caused. The person claimed that he wasn’t responsible for the comment; it was actually an ex-boyfriend. Katy Perry was bewildered her fan would still associate with an ex (and blatant non-Perry fan).

The singer reportedly quipped, “We need to talk after the show!”

So, despite the claims in the press, it seems there’s little to no evidence to support any vicious attack on the part of Katy Perry. Instead, it appears that she was apologized to and that Perry and her fan are on good terms.

The same might not be said for Katy Perry and the Mirror, which has yet to remove that allegedly Photoshopped image or to offer an explanation of where it came from. Fans have demanded the image and article be taken down, but the Mirror doesn’t seem to be budging on the matter.

Do you think Katy Perry sent that ugly text, or did the Mirror make a mistake? Share your thought below!

[Image Credit: Screen Grab From YouTube]