Paris Hilton Loses $350,000 Diamond Ring In Poland, Honest Fireman Returns It

While visiting the Polish city of Lodz last week, Paris Hilton lost a massive, diamond-encrusted ring worth $350,000 in an airport shuttle bus. Luckily for Hilton, an honest fireman working at the airport found the ring and it has been returned to her.

Paris Hilton was on her way out of the city of Lodz after taking part in a fashion event, and while traveling on the airport shuttle, she somehow managed to lose the valuable ring.

The New York Daily News reports that Hilton, 34, apparently panicked when she realized she had accidentally left her extremely valuable diamond ring in the vehicle as it sped her across the tarmac to her private jet.

According to Ewa Bienkowska, spokeswomen for the Lodz airport, two days after this, a fireman working at the airport found the ring on the floor of the bus.

Apparently having no knowledge of the value of the diamond-studded ring, the fireman initially thought it must belong to a flight attendant, but none of them had reported missing a ring.

By chance, the fireman noticed Paris on TV wearing that same valuable ring and immediately got in touch with the organizers of the fashion event.

Reportedly, when Paris Hilton got back her valuable misplaced diamond ring, she said she was extremely grateful to the fireman who found it and so honestly reported the find. Hilton hopes to get his contact information so she can reward him for his good deed.

It just goes to prove that honesty is the best policy, and while it is unknown what the fireman’s reward will be, no doubt it will be a worthwhile gift.

In other Paris Hilton related news, the Inquisitr reports that during her European travels, she threw a party for a whole bunch of kids on the party island of Ibiza in Spain’s Balearic Islands.

However it wasn’t one of her normal wild parties as the event was held to help a local children’s organization, APNEEF, supporting kids with a variety of health issues, whether physical, mental, cognitive, or sensory. So that party was in a very good cause.

According to TMZ, Hilton was in Ibiza to present the “Foam & Diamonds” event, pictured in the image at the top of this article, just prior to her brief trip to Poland.

[Photo: Diamond ring Paris Hilton by Iconic/All / Getty Images Entertainment]