Kim Davis Is Like A Jew Living Under Nazi Rule, Says Attorney To The Rowan County Clerk [Video]

Mat Staver, of the Christian conservative Liberty Counsel and attorney for Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, has compared Davis to a Jewish person living under the Nazi Regime.

In an interview with Crosstalk radio host Jim Schneider on Wednesday, Staver said that Davis’ situation was similar to the experience of Jews under the Nazi regime.

He said that Davis is being persecuted because she is a Christian and because of her principled Christian objection to issuing marriage certificates for same-sex marriages.

When Schneider asked why Davis hasn’t resigned, Staver argued that Davis was an elected public official who has been under government employment for many years, thus it was unreasonable to expect that she would resign because of a Supreme Court ruling that came only two months ago.

He argued that she has the right to employment as a citizen and that she can’t lose her constitutional liberties simply because of her Christian beliefs.

“Should she just simply walk away from that? Well, what’s going to happen if she does? It’s not just a clerk, it’s every other position. Does that mean that if you’re Christian, don’t apply here.”

Staver also argued that Davis has the support of Rowan County residents.

“She’d probably be able to win the governor’s seat right now rather than just the clerk of Rowan County,” he said.

He then went on to compare Davis’ situation to that of Jews under the Nazi regime, saying that the persecution of Jews in Hitler’s Germany began insidiously. Jews were removed from government employment and their businesses targeted before the pogroms began, he said.

“If you’re a Jew, you gotta get, what happened in Nazi Germany, what happened there first, they removed the Jews from government public employment, then they stopped patronizing them in their private businesses, and then they continued to stigmatize them… then they killed them.”

The Nazis dismissed all Jews from public service in 1933 and then prohibited them from serving in the military and taking professional exams. Jews later lost the right to vote and German citizenship.


But some have objected to Staver’s comparison of Davis’ situation with Jews under Nazi rule, saying that the issues are fundamentally different and that the comparison trivializes what Jews suffered under the Nazis.

According to Lev Raphael, writing in the Huffington Post, Davis was jailed because she refused to do her job and in the process violated the civil rights of other citizens.

But Jews were targeted with “some 2000 laws and regulation” that stripped them of their civil rights only because they were Jews and not because they refused to perform their duties or committed civil or criminal offenses.

Davis was held in civil contempt after she repeatedly defied court orders to issue same-sex licenses.

On Thursday, Federal judge David L. Bunning ordered U.S. Marshals in Ashland, Kentucky, to take her into custody.

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