Peta Murgatroyd Has ‘Devastating’ Ankle Injury: Who Will Partner With Andy Grammer? [Video]

Peta Murgatroyd will miss Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars due to a devastating foot injury that will leave her sidelined for “for six to eight weeks.” Murgatroyd dished to People exclusively about the serious ankle injury she’s hoping won’t end her dancing career. And fans are asking, who will be Andy Grammer’s partner now?

“It was devastating news for me,” Murgatroyd confessed when told by her orthopedic surgeon that her ankle has “a really bad diagnosis.” Peta had just come off of a three-month live Dancing with the Stars tour, and when practicing for Season 21 with Andy, she could tell “something was not right,” according to People.


An MRI showed that she “had 4 torn ligaments and a floating piece of bone at the back of my ankle,” Peta explains, and fixing it requires surgery. Since Murgatroyd hopes to “keep dancing on the show into my 30s,” she’s forced to sit out this season, much to the dismay of Andy, who “specifically asked to be partnered with me and I felt like I was letting him down,” Peta told People. A rep for Murgatroyd confirmed to Us Weekly that Peta Murgatroyd will miss Season 21.

Peta took to Twitter to share with fans the “heartbreaking” news and to assure them leaving the show for a season is “obviously one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made,” reports Us Weekly. Murgatroyd elaborated that she “seriously struggled with the idea of not being able to dance,” but Peta continued that she knows “my health does come first, and the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can be back in the ballroom for all of you!”


Despite the bad news, Peta Murgatroyd will still be a part of the show since she’ll have to assist Andy’s new partner as much as possible, reports People. Murgatroyd gushed that this helps soften the devastating news.

Just Jared reports that Allison Holker will now partner with Grammer, and with Peta’s help the pair are sure to shine. Holker gushed about Grammer to Just Jared, sharing that the “first thought I had when I found out ANDY GRAMMER was my partner was ‘ooh HONEY, I’M GOOD!!!'”

Both Peta Murgatroyd and Allison agree that he’s “just the nicest and best guy,” and Allison “can’t wait for us to hit the dance floor.” Last season, Allison partnered with Riker Lynch, according to Just Jared. The website also revealed that Allison will blog exclusively for the site this season.

As for Murgatroyd, she’s “just looking forward to being back on my feet as soon as possible and being a part of the show again,” reports People. Murgatroyd’s surgery is scheduled for mid-September. Peta thanked her Twitter fans for “all the love today,” promising she’ll “also keep you all up to date on my progress and of course you will see some silly ‘before and after’ surgery pictures!”

[Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]