Tatum O’Neal, Rosie O’Donnell Dating?

Since Tatum O’Neal came out publicly a few months ago and admitted she was dating women, speculation has been rife as to whom she will begin dating. It seems that speculation has ended with reports that suggest Tatum O’Neal is seeing longtime friend Rosie O’Donnell, whom she met while both were filming separate work for Oprah Winfrey’s channel, OWN.

Tatum O’Neal has been seen around town with O’Donnell several times recently, which is likely some positive news for O’Donnell after what has been a troubled few weeks. Between her daughter Chelsea going to live with her birth mother, presidential candidate Donald Trump calling her out, and her divorce with second wife Michelle Rounds slowly working itself out, some quiet time with Tatum O’Neal might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

People was one of the first to report that Tatum O’Neal had embraced her bisexuality. “I like women,” she told the magazine. “I definitely have been dating mostly women recently.” In something of a surprise twist, Tatum O’Neal also said of her sexuality that she does not embrace labels. “I’m not one or the other.”

While Tatum O’Neal has retweeted reports of denials that she and O’Donnell are dating, the duo have been seen together with relative frequency, and on September 2, O’Neal retweeted an image from O’Donnell’s Twitter feed.


On August 27, O’Donnell retweeted Tatum O’Neal’s tweet that she was going to son Sean McEnroe’s photography exhibit. Tatum O’Neal has two sons with ex-husband, tennis legend John McEnroe.


O’Donnell has also joked that Tatum O’Neal is her new wife. Representatives for O’Donnell said that she and Tatum O’Neal are simply longtime friends who are not dating at all. O’Donnell and O’Neal were both seen having dinner together at Da Silvano August 7 and both were seen at the Broadway musical Hamilton August 6, though they were not photographed together and there were countless other celebrities in attendance.

While O’Donnell and Tatum O’Neal are apparently not in any sort of serious relationship beyond that of friendship, Tatum O’Neal continues to make news for her flattering views on women.

“Women are the most amazing creatures on earth,” Tatum O’Neal said. “They’re gentle and also more intelligent than the men that I’ve met recently. I don’t have a steady right now, but I look forward to it.”

Although O’Donnell’s representative denies that there is anything more than friendship going on between O’Donnell and Tatum O’Neal, it’s clear that O’Neal is open to whatever the future may bring.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)