One Direction Split Could Be Permanent Says Simon Cowell

One Direction have broken the hearts of millions of teenage girls by announcing that they will split early in 2016. Rumors had been flying for months that One Direction’s days were numbered, and speculation reached fever pitch when Zayn Malik dumped his mates mid-tour. There have been increasing signs that things were not good in the One Direction camp as members of the boy-band pleaded with fans to stop chasing their cars and to give them some privacy.

The official line from the One Direction camp is that the band are taking a one year break to pursue solo projects, but a shock report in a UK tabloid, the Daily Star, suggests that the break could well be a permanent one. What is more it seems that One Direction’s mentor, Simon Cowell, has hinted that the boys may be going their own way permanently.

According to the Mirror, Cowell has already admitted that he would like this year’s X-Factor final to be the final live performance for One Direction. Yesterday it was reported in Inquisitr that X-Factor is facing “fixing” accusations after boy-band First Kings appeared to be afforded preferential treatment. It was suggested that Cowell is looking to First Kings as a replacement for One Direction. It is well known that One Direction signed a five-year, five-album deal with Cowell’s company SyCo. That deal will expire when One Direction release their fifth album later this year. With a split already announced it is unlikely that a new contract will be offered.

According to Unreality TV, Cowell has admitted that the news of One Direction’s demise has been deliberately “drip fed” to the media in an effort to lessen the impact on the bands obsessional fans.

“We were conscious about the welfare of fans… We’ve known about this for about a year and didn’t want it to be a massive shock. We have said to the boys to take as long as you want and, within reason, do whatever you want.”

It seems that Cowell may not have told the whole story. The Daily Star claims that a source close to One Direction has told them that Cowell admits that the split may well be a permanent one.

“The official statement is the band are taking a year’s break to pursue solo projects but the truth is they may never come back together.”

“It depends how successful their solo careers become and whether all four commit to a comeback because they’ve agreed it has to be all four or nothing following Zayn’s exit.”

“I think there will be some solo stuff, then the group will come back together but it’s completely their decision. We don’t know.”

It is a well established fact that boy-bands have a very limited shelf life as their young fans grow up and move on. It seems that One Direction are about to join the long list of those whose shelf life has expired.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]