High-Flying Proposal Gets Positive Response On EasyJet Flight [Video]

Proposing to your future wife can be a tricky thing to do, and it’s always good to find unusual surroundings to pop that all-important question. Kevin Christie, 41, made up his mind to propose to Kamila Maier, 20, on an easyJet flight traveling from Manchester to Mykonos in Greece.

The video starts with a flight steward calling for everyone’s attention, and most especially the passenger in row 25, as he hands the in-flight microphone to the hopeful suitor.

With the plane at 30,000 ft, Christie then took a deep breath and, daring to face embarrassment in front of 200 fellow passengers on the easyJet flight, he made a moving proposal to the love of his life.

“Hi baby, basically I’m just going to embarrass myself thoroughly in front of everyone here and say that I’ve loved you since the day I met you and I’ve have had the most amazing journey with you so far, so as we embark on this journey I just want to tell you, you are the most beautiful, most talented, most amazing girl in the whole world and I was wondering if you would do me the honor of marrying me.”

As he concludes his proposal, the whole easyJet plane goes wild with everyone cheering and applauding his words. He then heads down the aisle and drops to one knee in front of Maier, who is standing, waiting for him to arrive.

According to the Mirror, it fortunately seems his feelings are reciprocated and Maier responded to the unusual easyJet marriage proposal with an impassioned “yes” and a hug.

The Manchester Evening News interviewed Kevin about his unusual easyJet marriage proposal once the newly-engaged couple got home from their holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos and Christie told them, “I was a little nervous but was surprisingly calm.

“I’d geared myself up for it but a bit daunting standing up in front of 200 people.

“I was relieved when she said yes, it could have been very embarrassing if the answer went the wrong way – and a very long flight.”

The couple originally met on Facebook, apparently due to a shared love of Wimbledon and have recently concluded a scuba diving course, allowing them to have a wonderful vacation in Greece, exploring the underwater wonders of both Mykonos and the island of Santorini.

Reportedly, while they were away, they kept bumping into fellow easyJet passengers who teased them, asking if the engagement was still on. Now Christie and Maier are planning their wedding and will be tying the knot within the next two years, after entertaining the easyJet crew and passengers with one of the most unusual marriage proposals ever.

The Inquisitr has reported on other unusual marriage proposals in the past.

There was the Hong Kong man who spent $51,600 on a fancy helicopter marriage proposal, who also received a positive response.

Then there was the not-quite-so successful marriage proposal, where a hapless suitor placed a diamond ring inside a chicken sandwich at a McDonald’s drive-thru, horrifying and shocking his girlfriend.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]