Personal Life Media Releases Free Multi-Feed Podcast Player

Podcasts and blogs publisher Personal Life Media has relased a patent-pending audio player widget that distributes multiple podcast RSS feeds.

The player is free and can be customized by color and size to match any web page or blog as well as to propagate shows in Facebook, MySpace and twenty other sites such as iGoogle and Wordpress using Gigya’s Wildfire widget distribution technology. Users can visually fly back and forth between album art for each show in the widget by controlling “show flow” with a mouse. Most importantly, the player can be branded with a corporate logo for an integrated look and feel.

Podcasters who produce more than a single show now have a way of presenting up to five of their related shows in a single widget on their site, blog or social services. As each new episode debuts, it automatically gets pushed to the podcaster’s “widget,” wherever it has been syndicated by fans. The podcaster’s fans can “get” the player and put it on their site, blog or social site, carrying the podcaster’s logo and sponsored audio ads along with the content.

C.C. Chapman, a multi-show podcaster and social media strategist is currently showcasing this widget.

“I love that Personal Life Media is making it simple for anyone with multiple shows to pool them together into a widget that can then be placed on any blog or social networking site,” Chapman said.

“Not only can anyone make their own, but by allowing simple adjustments such as color and the adding of a custom logo, it truly makes it unique to every media producer.”