Dad Of Monica Foy Speaks Out: She’s ‘Distraught, Scared, Afraid For Her Safety’

Monica Foy, the 28-year-old Sam Houston State University (SHSU) student who tweeted that Houston police officer Darren Goforth “deserved to die” for his “creepy perv eyes” has been right at the top of national headlines since sending out that statement on the micro-blogging site.

Now the self-professed Black Lives Matter supporter’s father, Andrew J. Foy, is speaking out, and his story is somewhat different than what you might expect from someone, who feels the way that Monica Foy does.

The distraught father phoned in to conservative talk show host Michael Berry’s show recently to share his feelings with the world, confirming that his daughter is “distraught, scared, and afraid for her safety,” but offering little sympathy for the “hothead” he’s known for so long.

“We’re free thinkers,” Foy said. “We’re a family of conservative values, law-abiding and the whole thing, and I certainly understand somebody getting upset and mouthing off, but it was disbelief she could tweet something so stupid.”

Andrew Foy said he didn’t want to beat his daughter down “because in all reality, on a day-to-day basis, she’s a nice person, benevolent, has a good heart. But she gets passionate and mouths off.”

Foy originally approached Berry via email and later agreed to appear as a guest. In the email, the dad of three had this to say.

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On the broadcast, Foy said he “did not get an answer on that part” when asked what made his daughter think that was a good thing to say to begin with.

“I was more talking than listening at that point,” the elder Foy said. “Just mouthing off. I don’t know how else to explain it. I’m fully embarrassed and still shaking to be honest with you. I don’t know who she’s keeping company with really.”

The father of Monica Foy also wanted to give an apology to the Goforth family “for the insensitivity of the tweet.”

“My wife and I were actually talking about doing something for the family, but if we do that it might seem like we’re trying to buy an apology of some sort, so I don’t know. We’re distraught over the whole thing,” he said.

When asked what his daughter might have learned from the incident, he had this to say.

“To think before she says anything and that cool heads prevail. If she had thought about it just a little bit longer she probably would not have pushed the button and thought maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do in that second.”

Still, he confessed, he could not speak for her.

The college student was arrested earlier this week on an unrelated assault charge dating back to 2011, according to Breitbart.

Do you think Monica Foy has learned her lesson for tweeting what she did about the slain officer, and should her critics ease up? And do you feel sorry for her family? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Monica Foy via Twitter, account deactivated]