Ryan Reynolds Could Star in ‘Highlander’ Reboot

Ryan Reynolds already recently starred as a superhero in the Green Lantern movie, and now it looks like he may be taking on another superhero-style gig: the role of Highlander in the upcoming reboot. Apparently, they’re making an exception for that “there can only be one” rule.

A new report from Variety says that Reynolds is in talks to play the leading role in Highlander, from Lionsgate-Summit. While the report says that all sides are in talks and all indications suggest that the talks are going very well, it doesn’t appear that Reynolds has been cemented in for the role just yet.

As Variety points out, Reynolds is still mulling over several other proposed projects, so it’s possible that he could end up passing up the role in favor of something else. For now, though, Ryan is the frontrunner for the Highlander role.

Not a whole lot is known about the upcoming Highlander reboot, apart from the fact that director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of 28 Days Later fame will be helming the film while Art Marcum and Matt Holloway will be penning the screenplay.

Assuming that Ryan Reynolds gets picked for the Highlander role, do you think he’s a good fit? If not, who would you rather see star as the next Highlander?