WWE Rumors: New Feud Brewing Between Former NXT Champion And Current WWE Title Holder

Ever since his feud with John Cena ended, Kevin Owens has been pushed down the card a bit, but he hasn’t been nonexistent. He’s been in a feud with Cesaro that has brought forth some great matches, but it didn’t really take him anywhere. After SmackDown on Thursday night, Owens appeared to have his sights set on a current WWE title holder and the Intercontinental Title.

As reported by WrestleZone, Owens cut a backstage promo saying that he was tired of people coming down on the way he looks and his appearance. He then said that God has given him the ability to be in the wrestling business, and he doesn’t care about those that are conerned with his physical appearance.

After that, Owens said he is specifically tired of “feed me more.”

For those that watch wrestling regularly, it’s known that is the tag line for the Intercontinental champion — Ryback. This is interesting because this past Monday night, it appeared as if Ryback’s feud with Big Show and The Miz was going to continue.

On Monday Night Raw, Ryback and Big Show had a pretty good match while The Miz was at ringside. As recapped by Cageside Seats, Ryback won with the Shellshock, but it was aided by The Miz distracting Big Show from the outside.

It appears now as if The Miz and Big Show are going to have a feud of some kind, or maybe not. We shall see.

Ryback was apparently moving on from that triple feud that had lasted about three months and simply ending it. Even though Kevin Owens didn’t have a match on SmackDown, and Ryback wasn’t featured at all, it did lead to a new feud coming.

With two weeks still to go until Night of Champions, this is adding up to what the Intercontinental Title match on the card will be. Things will likely get officially started on the upcoming Monday Night Raw, and move on from there.

It’s an interesting match-up, and many thought that Owens would end up winning the United States Title off of John Cena, but that never happened. Then, there was a lot of talk regarding Owens’ weight and physique, and even an on-camera, backhanded remark from Randy Orton.

A feud between Ryback and Kevin Owens is new and one that fans haven’t seen before so it could be interesting. Owens calling Ryback out on SmackDown makes it seem that a match Night of Champions is in their future, and it could lead to Owens’ first title on the WWE main roster.

[Image via WWE]