Miley Cyrus Gets MTV In Trouble With Her On-Screen Drug References

There’s no argument that Miley Cyrus made a spectacle of herself at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but was anyone surprised?

Everyone is used to Miley and her erratic behavior by now so rather than question her antics, people are just sitting back and enjoying the show. There are some though that criticize Cyrus, still.

The anti-tobacco campaign that sponsored two commercials that aired during the VMAS are angry with MTV and the way that Miley promoted marijuana consumption. In response, they have registered a complaint with MTV’s parent company.

The organization that hosted the commercials are angry because they believe that Cyrus and the entire 2015 VMAs misguided the young viewers watching the show.

The Truth Initiative, a widely known anti-tobacco group, is the driving force behind the complaints. CBS News reports that Eric Asche, the Truth Initiative’s chief marketing officer, made a comment on how the organization felt about the message Miley was sending to the audience and those viewing the show from home.

“It is entirely understandable for viewers to be confused, after hearing so much about marijuana during the VMA broadcast, to see a powerful advertisement about the dangers of tobacco.”

Cyrus was the instigator behind most of the cannabis-related material in the show. Not only did she offer a joint to photographers backstage, but Miley also had a group of people say “marijuana” while she took a selfie while on camera.

Critics aren’t just concerned with the message about marijuana that Cyrus is spreading, though. According to Fortune, some critics are even describing the stunts pulled by Miley as “a category five disaster that destroyed Miley Cyrus’ career.”

This can’t be good for Miley, but as Fortune notes, this is exactly what she needs to keep herself afloat in the world of fame. Cyrus’ antics back in 2013, when she got down and dirty with 36-year-old Robin Thicke on stage, actually promoted her career more than anything. Cyrus’ net worth was a total of $150 million post-VMAs.

Tim Maleeny, the Havas Worldwide advertising agency’s chief strategy officer, told Fortune that most of Cyrus’ on-stage shenanigans were most likely staged.

“It stretches credulity to think MTV didn’t expect what they got, or that most of it wasn’t staged to begin with.”

Maleeny goes on to say that even Nicki Minaj’s on-camera beef with Miley, along with Cyrus’ crazy costume choices, are exactly the type of stunts make the VMAs such a success.

“The network is dependent on outrageous on-stage antics and pre-show Twitter fights to get people to watch.”

Though Miley may be completely absurd at times, it’s definitely getting MTV ratings and is even boosting her career. Cyrus used the end of the award show to announce the release her new album and debut her new song, “Dooo It,” which, unsurprisingly, is about smoking pot.

Cyrus obviously knows how to cause a controversy and use it to her advantage, but has she taken it too far this time?

You can listen to Miley Cyrus’ new album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, for free on Sound Cloud.

[Photo Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]