Angry Birds To Unleash Luxury Jewelry Line

Angry Birds recently saw its one billionth download, and now seems to be celebrating their success by launching a new line of luxury jewelry.

If you have a little bit of extra cash lying around, say $290, then you can be the proud owner of a Limited Edition Mighty Eagle silver ring, priced very ambitiously, considering most users only pay 99 cents to download the mobile app.

Primesmith has been brought in on the project, and is collaborating on the project with the app’s designer, Rovio. According to Forbes magazine, the company will also debut cheaper product lines that are more suitable to mass marketing, after the debut of the silver ring.

The new jewelry will include pendant and bracelet charms, and will be priced at about $50. Kristian Saarikorpi, the product line’s designer, intends to create strong 3D shapes which were formerly locked in 2D environments.

Saarikorpi has also worked as a head designer at Tillander, a house that has been described as Scandinavia’s Tiffany. He has also been named Finland’s Goldsmith of the Year. Forbes believes that the inclusion of such a well-known designer reflects Rovio’s intention to make the Angry Birds brand a global phenomenon.

Forbes details that when speaking about the line’s flagship Mighty Eagle ring, Saarikorpi stated:

“Rovio guards the image of the Mighty Eagle character jealously. Just as in the games, only a portion of the powerful bird is depicted on the ring – his shape is never shown in full.”

Newser reports that the jewelry maker, Primesmith is also developing lines for other digital franchises seen in smartphone and Facebook applications.

Rachelle Epstein, Creative Director for William Goldberg Corp, an international diamond house, stated:

“For a cartoon jewelry franchise, mass market-priced earrings and pendants are likely to be the big product lines. Creation of expensive luxury items based on cartoon characters has proved to be challenging.”

Check out the Angry Birds Mighty Eagle here: