Katrina Olguin-Bryant: Mom Of Amber Alert Boy Unleashes Facebook Rant — ‘I Am Victim Of Corruption’

Katrina Olguin-Bryant, according to authorities in New Mexico, took off with her four-year-old son on Monday, or possibly earlier, even though she did not have legal custody of the boy, triggering an Amber Alert for little Kingston Rodriguez — a child who police say is very sick and needs immediate medical attention.

But the next day, the 36-year-old Taos, New Mexico, mom took to her Facebook page and posted a lengthy rant in which she claims that she is the victim in this case, saying that she is the target of “corruption” on the part of the state’s Child Protective Services agency — the Children, Youth and Families Department — which sought to claim custody of her child for a bizarre reason, she said.

“I AM WANTED BECAUSE CPS has taken ‘legal’ custody of my son, due to their ALLEGATIONS THAT MY 4 YEAR OLD SON EATS TOO MUCH FRUIT. Your (sic) read that correctly,” she wrote in the Tuesday posting.

In the same post, Olguin-Bryant — if indeed she made the post on the page in her name — claims to be in Galveston, Texas. She also insists that the little boy is “not in danger.”

But according to a report Thursday afternoon by KOAT-TV in Albuquerque, police now believe that Olguin-Bryant and her son may have actually traveled to the Pacific Northwest. They believe that she may be in northeastern Oregon, or eastern Washington state, the station reported.

Police earlier this week said that Kingston Rodriguez is, in fact, in jeopardy due to what they say are undisclosed health issues.

“We are concerned obviously for the sake of the child, he has some significant medical issues that evidently are not being handled, they’re not being treated the way that they should,” State Police Sergeant Elizabeth Armijo told TV station KRQE.

The Amber Alert for Kingston Rodriguez was triggered when Olguin-Bryant failed to show up for a custody court hearing on Monday. Other than Olguin-Bryant’s claim that the state believes the child “eats too much fruit,” the specific reasons why the mom’s custody of the boy is in question has not been made public.

The Katrina Olguin-Bryant Facebook page mentions that her son suffers from seizures.

In her Facebook post, the mom claims that she is “not a criminal.”

“I am educated. I am not on welfare. I worked and provided for my family. Before CPS stepped into my life I was a Property Manger of about 50 properties throughout town and I have an extensive professional background,” she wrote. “I LOVE MY CHILDREN. I would do anything for them, including protecting them from a corrupt and unjust system.”

Katrina Olguin-Bryant is believed to be driving a black 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport with New Mexico license plate number 172-RTD. Earlier reports placed her in a different vehicle.

[Image: Katrina Olguin-Bryant/Facebook]