UFO Almost Caused Mid-Air Collision in Denver on Monday

A UFO in the skies above Denver almost caused a mid-air collision with a private jet on Monday roughly 8,000 feet above Cherry Creek, according to a report by 9News.

The pilot of the aircraft saw a UFO coming towards the jet, at which point it flew to the side and passed by. Several aircraft showed up on radar at the time, but the UFO did not. The mysterious object wasn’t able to be identified, but the pilot suspected it could have been a large remote-controlled aircraft.

“[I] don’t know if it was a remote controlled aircraft or what, but something just went by the other way. About 20-30 seconds ago… And it was like a large remote controlled aircraft,” the pilot told aircraft control officials in an audio recording picked up by 9News.

The pilot’s report prompted an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration, which found no evidence to back up the pilot’s claims that a UFO was in the skies above Denver on Monday.

Greg Feith, a former NTSB Investigator and aviation analyst, offered up a few explanations as to what the Denver UFO could have been.

“Was this an unmanned vehicle that was part of some sort of law enforcement operation? Was this somebody that had flown a large model aircraft inadvertently into the airspace? Or was it just a bird that caught the pilot’s eye so he believed it was an aircraft but could have been a very large wing span bird,” Feith said.

You can check out 9News’ report in video form below.

What do you think the Denver UFO could be?