Tom Hardy’s Wife Is Pregnant, Couple Reveals Pregnancy At Red Carpet Premiere

Looks like Tom Hardy’s going to be a daddy again! The actor’s wife, Charlotte Riley, hit the red carpet for the film Legend with a sizable bump. The two unveiled the news at the London premiere on September 3.

According to Us Weekly, Hardy and Riley were captured smiling on the red carpet. In one of the photos Hardy is seen affectionately kissing his wife on the cheek. This is the first child for the couple, and the second for Hardy, who has a son, Louis, from a relationship prior to his marriage with Charlotte.

Although the couple are very private about their relationship, Tom couldn’t help but to talk about Charlotte back in April of 2014. At the time the actor let the cat out of the bag about their marital status.

“Well my wife is an actor as well so she sort of gets it. Apart from that, I’m a pain in the ass really. You know what I mean? Like any other boyfriend. Isn’t that part of being in a relationship?”

When Hardy was asked about what he loved the most about her he said, “Aw, she’s pure. She’s just a very kind, pure person.”

The pair met each other on the set of Wuthering Heights back in 2009.

Back in May, Charlotte was asked about Tom’s facial hair in U.K.’s Sunday Herald.

“I just love him however he comes. He’s great around the house. We do designated things. I love recycling. He’s good at making the bed. It works brilliantly.”

As far as fatherhood goes, it seems like Tom has was still trying to balance work with having a son. At the time, Hardy spoke about trying to make time for his 4-year-old son, back in 2012.

“I like to go no longer than three weeks without seeing my loved ones, but it does take some juggling. I’m very much aware of being a ‘Skype father,’ which is sad, but I have to have the finances to make sure [my son will] be secure, and I can only do that by working.”

Of his son, Hardy said to Company Magazine, “[Louis] plays rugby. He’s rubbish at it but he’s really full of heart. He’s a beautiful boy. But I would think that, wouldn’t I?”

[Photo by John Phillips / Getty Images]