Tori Spelling Lawsuit: Reality Star Suing Benihana Restaurant After Suffering Third-Degree Burns On Hibachi Grill

Tori Spelling is filing a lawsuit against the chain restaurant Benihana, claiming she suffered deep burns after accidentally placing her arm on one of the open grills at the eatery.

Spelling filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, claiming that the incident happened at an Encino, California, branch back on April. Spelling was eating an Easter Sunday meal along with husband Dean McDermott and their children when the alleged incident took place, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Tori Spelling reportedly tripped and fell on a hot hibachi grill, suffering second and third degree burns. The reality television star was forced to undergo surgery and had skin grafts to treat the burns.

Spelling actually shared some pictures from the outing, which appeared to come from before the injury.

It appears to be a difficult few months for Tori Spelling and their family. Back in July the family had to move out of their Encino home amid reports that they had encountered financial troubles. The move came just weeks after Spelling said that she and Dean were living “paycheck to paycheck.”

But other sources said Tori and Dean were doing just fine.

“Tori and Dean moved into a new house — it’s the same number of bedrooms and everything,” the source told Us Weekly. “They just moved because their lease was up, nothing more to it than that. It was not a downsizing thing.”

Tori and Dean had moved from Encino to Malibu in 2012 but Tori quickly put the home up for sale, a process she said lost her money.

“After selling our Encino house at a loss, we were hoping to make a bit of the money back on Malibu,” Spelling writes (via Radar Online). “We’d sunk a lot of money into it … But our [Malibu] house took a few months to sell, and when it did, it was for two hundred thousand dolls less than we had paid. You heard of those people who flip houses to make money? We were the opposite: flippers who lost major sums of money on every transaction. My restlessness would be our financial ruin.”

It could have been an even worse stretch for Tori Spelling. As Radar Online reported, she was sued last summer by three producers who claimed that Tori stole the idea for her Oxygen network reality show.

“After months of back and forth, the case was slated to go to trial on June 2, 2014. But Spelling and her co-defendants filed paperwork to dismiss the lawsuit in light of a settlement on January 21. The terms of the settlement were not made public, according to court documents obtained by Radar.”

It is not clear what money Tori Spelling is seeking in her lawsuit against Benihana.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]