September 3, 2015
Free-To-Play 'WildStar: Reloaded' Launches On September 29

WildStar, the sci-fi MMO with an emphasis on action combat, is transitioning to a free-to-play hybrid model later this year. The game, which released in June, 2014, made the free-to-play announcement in May, 2015. After announcing a closed beta period for the free-to-play features just last month, players should be surprised to hear an official launch date for the free-to-play WildStar: Reloaded. Everyone will be able to play WildStar on September 29 according to the official game website WildStar Online.

In addition to the free-to-play launch date announcement, the next closed beta was also mentioned as starting tomorrow. Where the first closed beta focused on the new player experience like tutorials and gameplay content, the second closed beta will let players buy and use NCoin in the in-game store. NCoin is purchased with real money and used to purchase aesthetic upgrades, character services, boosts, and more. Any NCoin purchased during the closed beta will be later refunded before the free-to-play launch where the player can then use the currency on the live servers.

Bug hunting in WildStar

As a free-to-play game, WildStar will utilize a free download with optional subscription. Players will be able to supplement their gameplay with in-game purchases from the store, by signing up for Signature service (the optional subscription), and by finding in-game Omnibits. The Omnibit currency is one new to WildStar with its free-to-play transition. This currency will drop within the game and it will be rewarded for certain accomplishments as well. It is used in the in-game store to purchase things normally buyable with NCoin.

Players that have spent money on WildStar previously and those that continue to support the game with purchases made in the in-game store or with an optional subscription will earn Cosmic Points increasing a player's Cosmic Tier. The Cosmic Reward program gives bonuses like pets, mounts, costumes, dyes, boosts, and more according to the official website. The system rewards players for spending money on the game by increasing their Cosmic Tier as they gain more Cosmic Points. Subscribing, spending money in the in-game store, and even using a C.R.E.D.D. will add to a player's Cosmic Point total.

WildStar developers started testing free-to-play features in a closed beta atmosphere in early August. Active subscribers were able to jump on the test server to try out the new in-game store, loyalty bonuses, and more features to come with the game's rebranding. As the Inquisitr reported, developers plan to open up the beta to more players as the launch date draws closer. Eventually, players with "little to no experience with WildStar" will have a chance to test the free-to-play model before launch.

Will WildStar's transition to a free-to-play title encourage you to try the game?

[Images via NCSoft]