Origin Luring Kickstarter-Funded Games With Waived Distribution Fees for 90 Days

Everyone and their mother, brother, sister and uncle seems to be hopping aboard the Kickstarter train to fund their indie games after the enormous success of Double Fine’s fundraiser, and EA is looking to lure those indies over to its Origin platform by offering an enticing deal.

EA announced earlier today that it will be waiving distribution fees for indie developers whose games were crowd-funded. The deal lasts for 90 days, but there’s a catch: Apart from the fact that the game has to be crowd-funded (and fully funded), the game also needs to be complete and ready to publish.

“The public support for crowd-funding creative game ideas coming from small developers today is nothing short of phenomenal,” said David DeMartini, senior vice president of Origin at EA. “It’s also incredibly healthy for the gaming industry.

“Gamers around the world deserve a chance to play every great new game, and by waiving distribution fees on Origin we can help make that a reality for successfully crowd-funded developers.”

It can be difficult to get your game out there to a substantial audience, so this sounds like a pretty good opportunity to do just that while potentially making some extra coin in the process.

If you’re an indie developer and all of that sounds good, you can head over to this link to hit up EA for more information.