Female MMA Fighter Monique Bastos Makes Phone Thief Beg For ‘Daddy’ After He Tries To Rob Her [Video]

Two thieves assumed that Monique Bastos would be an easy target because she was a woman, but one of the muggers found himself begging for Jesus after trying to steal the female MMA fighter’s cell phone.

According to the MMAFighting website, 23-year-old Monique Bastos is a Brazilian MMA fighter who has only fought in six MMA bouts so far. However, it looks like her training is proving to be more valuable outside of the ring — she’s putting it to good use on the mean streets of Acailandia, Brazil.

Bastos was heading to her jiu-jitsu class when she was accosted by two male muggers. She was with two friends, and the men were hoping to get their grubby hands on the trio’s phones. However, Bastos decided to make the thieves pay for inconveniencing her by making her late for class.

“I was going to my jiu-jitsu training when they arrived on a motorcycle and said they wanted our phones,” Monique Bastos recounted. “I tried to hold my phone, and I realized they were not armed. When they tried to escape, I lifted the rear wheel of the bike and they fell on the ground. The guy who took my phone ran away, but I was able to get the other one.”


The guy who didn’t get away would soon become a laughing stock on the internet. Bastos wrestled him into a triangle choke, and she leaned back and reclined on the street while she waited for the police to arrive. Bastos looks totally chill in the viral video of the incident, but the humiliated thief who attacked the female MMA fighter is another story. His face starts to turn purple while Monique Bastos’ leg is wrapped around his neck, and he can’t stop screaming and crying. According to Yahoo! News UK, the thief is begging for mercy and asking for his “daddy” in the video below.

“Daddy, call the police, daddy. Help Jesus. I swear, it was the first time I’ve ever done this,” the mugger cries. “Help, Lord, somebody help me. Where’s my mom?”

Unfortunately, this also wasn’t the Brazilian’s first street fight with a brazen mugger. She said that she’s actually been attacked by thieves “a few times,” and this is the second time she decided to fight back. The last guys who tried to steal her phone were armed with knives, but she managed to get the device back that time.


Maybe the blubbering thief Monique Bastos managed to capture will reveal the identity his accomplice. Judging from the way he reacted to being held down by the female MMA fighter, he’ll probably rat out his pal. And if he refuses to do so, maybe the cops should invite Bastos to stand in the interrogation room with them while he’s being questioned.

[Images via Monique Bastos/Instagram]