Grieving Mother Uses ‘Fight Song’ To Raise Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

Meet Alissa is a mother of two children — one of which died last year from cancer. With this now-viral video, Life & Style magazine reports that Alissa was able to generate a lot of attention for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month — which officially started on September 1.

Using a small collection of handwritten notes on index cards along with the Rachel Platten hit single “Fight Song” playing in the background, Alissa created an emotionally stirring video testimonial of her personal experience.

Perhaps one of the most tear-jerking moments of the video occurred moments after she introduced her daughter, Alexis Mayse.

“I will never have a picture of them together because they’ve never met…”

Her 1-year-old son, Mason, died from acute myeloid leukemia (also known as “AML”) in April of last year — 23 days after his first birthday.

Alissa explains with her handwritten notes that she promised her now-deceased son (known as “Baby Mason”) that she would raise as much awareness for childhood cancer as she could — a disease that she admittedly did not know was even possible.

“Childhood cancer robbed Mason of SO MUCH! No first day of school, no proms, no graduation, no wedding day. No child deserves that!! My dream is that our kids get more funding and a cure is found someday so no child or family has to endure this nightmare!”

As shown in the video, which was originally posted to the Baby Mason Updates Facebook page on September 1, Alissa shared quite a few facts and statistics about childhood cancer that most viewers may not know.

“Every school day 46 children are diagnosed. 1 in 330 children will have the disease by age 20… It is the leading cause of death from disease among U.S. kids over 1 year of age. More than cystic fibrosis, [multiple sclerosis], AIDS, asthma and juvenile diabetes combined.”

Quite a few people have used social media to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness Month — including celebrities.

As of right now, the Facebook video of this grieving mother’s informative tribute to Baby Mason about childhood cancer has generated over 34.4 million views and been shared over 1.4 million times.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]