Miranda Lambert Wows Crowd At ACM Honors Singing Loretta Lynn’s ‘Rated X’ Hit

Miranda Lambert wows the crowd on Tuesday evening, Sept. 1, as she sings Loretta Lynn’s single “Rated X.”

“Rated X” was a controversial song by Lynn about a woman who finds freedom after getting a divorce. The lyrics go like this:

“Well if you’ve been a married woman and things didn’t seem to work out / Divorce is the key to bein’ loose and free so you’re gonna be talked about / Everybody knows that you’ve loved once so they think you’ll love again / You can’t have a male friend when you’re a has been or a woman that’s rated X.”

The “Rated X” song that Miranda Lambert sang seems fitting after her own divorce from Blake Shelton a few weeks back. The singer seems fine, though, and was all smiles as she danced around the stage in a hot pink dress and strutted her stuff.

After singing Loretta Lynn’s hit single, Miranda Lambert presented Loretta Lynn with the Crystal Milestone Award for 50 years in country music.

“Thank you, Miss Loretta, for that song, and being so brave, and paving the way for me to stand up here and sing a song like that,” said Miranda. “She sang songs that were not necessarily appropriate at times, like this for me,” Lambert quipped in an oblique reference to her own recent divorce (quote via The Boot). “I’m glad to be here singing for my friend.”

“I just thought I’d drop in to see if Miranda was keeping it country,” said Lynn as she joked with Lambert as she hugged her and took her award. “She’s doing a great job, don’t ya think?”

Lynn thanked the crowd for the award and told them that she would be back next year for another one.

No one seems to know if Miranda Lambert picked the “Rated X” song herself or if someone picked it for her, but she admits it’s perfect for her right now.

Lambert also had some fun that night with some of her friends backstage as they sang Taylor Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood” for a “glam jam” and later posted it on Instagram. Miranda was lip syncing the song using a curling iron as the microphone.

Two other ceremony highlights from the ACM Honors night were Luke Bryan and Randy Owen from Alabama. Bryan won the Gene Weed Special Achievement Award and Owens accepted the Career Achievement Award with the rest of his band, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook.

“I want to say thanks to my daddy,” said Gentry. “He taught me how to play the guitar. Three chords. I messed that up learning a whole lot of other chords from the Beatles and stuff.”

Do you think Taylor Swift will answer Miranda Lambert’s “glam jam” challenge?

[photo: via Getty images]