‘Rookie Blue’ Finale Spoilers: Andy And Sam’s Wedding, ‘A Really Nice Moment’ With Nick And The Future Of The Series

Even if you are not a fan of Sam and Andy’s relationship, it has been a long road for them to make it as far as they have – and the Rookie Blue Season 6 finale on ABC is going to see them getting ready to get married. But first, the bride has to make it to the church, and it wouldn’t be their wedding without some problems along the way.

As ABC’s Rookie Blue finale promo shows (below), it’s time for Andy and Sam’s wedding, but it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be there on time. In fact, what could make things more awkward than for the bride’s ex-boyfriend to show up at her door when she’s in her wedding dress? To make it worse, she’s going to be left on the side of the road at one point, in her dress.

Andy & Sam are getting married tonight on the season finale of #RookieBlue! https://t.co/NziwPFbDUS

— Rookie Blue (@RookieBlue_ABC) September 3, 2015

ABC has also tweeted out a sneak peek (below) showing Andy going over a checklist she has for the wedding, and Sam cheekily responds, “I do.” Before she’ll come upstairs to say hello, however, she makes sure he has his eyes closed. It’s probably a good thing – they could use all the luck they can get on this day, if that promo is any indication.

That tradition may not be the only one she keeps, based on what executive producer Tassie Cameron told TV Insider when previewing Andy’s focus on the big Rookie Blue wedding day.

“Andy is so nervous. She wants everything to be perfect and to follow traditions and do all the little pre-wedding rituals. There’s only one thing that could jeopardize her desire to have the perfect wedding: her desire to help people in need. That even trumps getting married to Sam.”

You can see that in the promo above. However, that’s not all she has going on on her big day. There’s also a moment coming up between Andy and Nick, which is good since they never really got closure, as Missy Peregrym previewed for the Hollywood Reporter and as seen in the trailer.

“Yeah, they never really had a talk about it; never really made amends. Obviously you wouldn’t hang out with your ex-boyfriend. You’d see them at work or whatever, but that’s it. There is a really nice moment I share with him that almost makes everything OK. There is still love for each other there and it was kind of perfect to go into the wedding episode with.”

This episode has already aired in Canada, and with the season finale now airing on ABC, fans are understandably nervous about the lack of news regarding another season of Rookie Blue. On the one hand, Cameron told TV Insider that “the show can reboot entirely if there is another season,” but on the other hand, Peregrym told THR that “it felt like we were saying goodbye when we were filming this episode.” If there isn’t another season, it could work as a series finale.

The Rookie Blue Season 6 finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]