Wave 6 Amiibo: Where And When To Get Them, Retailer Exclusives Revealed

Amiibo fans on the hunt for the hot Nintendo collectibles have their work cut out for them this September, as Wave 6 of the Super Smash Bros. series hits store shelves on September 11. Shoppers wanting to complete their entire collection at a single location are out of luck for the sixth wave, since several amiibo this time around are retailer exclusives. Find out where and when you can purchase each Wave 6 amiibo in the USA using this handy buyer’s guide.


Retro 3-Pack

GameStop is getting three exclusive amiibo: Mr. Game and Watch, Duck Hunt, and R.O.B. The classic icons are being packaged together at launch, with no details on an individual figure release in the U.S. Of note, the Mr. Game and Watch amiibo includes several different character poses for fans to recreate his signature, silhouette moves. GameStop has opened pre-orders for the amiibo “Retro 3-Pack” both in stores and online. Unlike most of Wave 6, the GameStop website lists the release date as September 25.

Dr. Mario

The mustached Nintendo mascot has more amiibo variants than any other character, including Gold, Silver, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party amiibo figures. Dr. Mario is the second Smash Bros. amiibo featuring Mario, albeit in a very unique costume that reps one of Mario’s classic puzzle titles. However, the doctor is in stock only at Target. Pre-orders for the retailer exclusive Dr. Mario amiibo have become available at Target.com. The amiibo appears to be available both online and in stores, as the website also lists an in-store release date of September 11.


Bowser Jr.

Toys R Us also gets an exclusive amiibo with Bowser Jr. The feisty little guy is only being sold in stores, while supplies last. It is unknown if additional quantities will be made available online at a later date. From the details available, it seems the Bowser Jr. release may be similar to the Dark Pit in-store exclusive amiibo release at Best Buy. The best bet for collectors to get the Bowser Jr. amiibo is on launch day with the rest of Wave 6.


Gandondorf, Olimar, and Zero Suit Samus

Of the remaining amiibo, Ganondorf is expected to be the hardest to find of the Wave 6 figures. Olimar and Zero Suit Samus inventory guesses made by fans on Reddit do not seem to be wildly higher than Ganondorf estimates, making the hunt for all three a bit more challenging than your average, common amiibo.

30th Anniversary Mario – Classic Color

In 2015, Mario celebrates his 30th anniversary with the launch of Super Mario Maker and an 8-bit, classic-colored Mario amiibo. In some countries the 30th Anniversary amiibo comes bundled with specially marked packages of Super Mario Maker; However, stateside collectors can find the commemorative amiibo sold separately.

30th Anniversary Mario – Modern Color

Throwing yet another Mario into the mix, the “Modern Color” variant of the 30th Anniversary Mario appears in a Wii U Super Mario Maker console bundle exclusive to Walmart. This bundle makes sense for those who have yet to start their amiibo collection or who do not yet own a Wii U console; however, for the rest of Nintendo’s adoring fans, it might be more than a little disappointing. It is possible the special edition amiibo will be made available, separately, at a later date. The official amiibo website says the modern anniversary amiibo is exclusive to the deluxe bundle “at launch,” which could mean the variant might see an individual release sometime in the future.


Amiibo x Skylanders SuperChargers

Other disappointing bundle-exclusive amiibo include the first set of Skylanders figures that double as amiibo figures. It’s a first-time partnership between Nintendo and Activision that brings exclusive content into the Skylanders franchise on Nintendo platforms. Hammer Slam Bowser and his Clown Cruiser come bundled in the Wii and Nintendo 3DS starter packs for Skylanders SuperChargers. Donkey Kong and his Barrel Blaster appear in the Wii U version. Further complicating the checklist for completionists are Dark Edition variants of Bowser and Donkey Kong that can be obtained only in the Wii and Wii U Dark Editions, respectively. Think it couldn’t get any more complicated than that? Guess again. The Wii Dark Edition of Skylanders SuperChargers is a Toys R Us exclusive. Although not technically part of Wave 6, these figures launch exclusively in SuperChargers starter packs on September 20.

With several store-exclusive and bundle-exclusive amiibo, Wave 6 is shaping up to be yet another tough set for fans to get their hands on. Will you be continuing your collection or bowing out of the frenzy?

[Images courtesy of Nintendo]