Amy Duggar Eager To Change Last Name After Josh Duggar ‘Crap,’ But Was She Really A ‘Duggar’?

Amy Duggar can’t wait to change her last name for the third time in her life. The former 19 Kids and Counting star recently revealed that she’s ready to distance herself from her cousins by getting married and legally taking on a regal new surname.

Amy Duggar is getting married to Dillon King on September 6, and the aspiring country singer is determined not to let Josh Duggar’s latest drama cast a dark cloud over her big day. During an interview with People, Amy said that she’s not stressed about her Labor Day weekend wedding at all, and she already knows that her ceremony is going to be stunning and special.

“Despite all the crap going on in my family, a few days from now will be an awesome moment,” Amy Duggar told People.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Josh Duggar recently checked into rehab, so this is likely the family “crap” Amy is referring to. Josh decided to seek treatment after he got caught trying to use the Ashley Madison website to arrange an affair. Before Josh left for rehab, he admitted that he’s addicted to pornography and that he’s been unfaithful to his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar.

Josh probably won’t get to leave rehab to attend Amy’s wedding (if he’s actually still in rehab, that is), and Amy didn’t reveal whether Anna will show up solo. She previously told People that she gave Anna the “biggest hug on the planet” after she heard about what Josh Duggar did. Amy probably invited Anna Duggar to the ceremony, but she might not feel much like celebrating with the rest of the Duggar clan.

It’s looking like Anna Duggar isn’t going to ditch the Duggar name by divorcing Josh, but Amy Duggar is certainly ready to rid herself of the muddied moniker.

“I can’t wait to change my name!” Amy said. “It’s going to be a great day when Dillon signs that marriage license and my last name changes. You have no idea!”

This wouldn’t be the first time Amy changed her last name. According to Starcasm, her birth name is Amy Jordan, but she was going by the slightly-altered stage name “Amy Jordyn” when she released her 2006 debut country music album. Some people accused Amy of switching to using the Duggar surname (her mother’s maiden name) to capitalize on her cousins’ fame, and all she would say about it is that people “don’t know what the real story is.”

According to Radar Online, Amy Duggar has admitted that she was born out of wedlock. Amy considers Terry Jordan her father and says that she has an awesome relationship with him, but Radar reports that Amy’s mother, Deanna Duggar, once told authorities that Terry has “[no] paternal [roots]” to Amy. Perhaps these revelations have something to do with why Amy decided to start using her mother’s maiden name.

Luckily for Amy Duggar, her name situation is going to get less complicated after she gets married this weekend. And while she might not be the biggest fan of her cousins’ famous moniker, she’s not leaving them out of her ceremony — Amy has revealed that her youngest female cousins will be her flower girls.

Do you think Amy Duggar will start distancing herself from her cousins after she gets hitched?

[Featured image credit: Amy Duggar/Instagram]