Woman Found Dead In An Apartment Fire Was Strangled, Coroner Says

A woman found dead in a west Las Vegas apartment fire on April 20 had been strangled, and her death is now ruled a homicide, according to the Clark County coroner’s office.

The coroner ruled Marrie Stewart’s death a homicide, citing she was strangled and did not die as a result of the fire. Instead, she died from strangulation and blunt force trauma, according to a report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Just after 6:30 a.m. on April 20, police responded to an apartment fire at La Ville Estates, 10175 Spring Mountain Road, near Hualapai Way, on the west side of Las Vegas. Authorities found Marrie Stewart’s body in the master bedroom of her home. According to investigators, the fire started in the same room.

Marrie Stewart’s husband and daughter were home when the fire started. Her daughter was not hurt, however, according to police, her husband was found at the front door with superficial lacerations and taken to the hospital.

In April, when the fire broke out, the circumstances leading up to the fire and Marrie Stewart’s death were unclear.

Las Vegas Metro homicide Lt. Ray Steiber said there was a domestic issue before the fire started but added that police were not sure if that escalated to a physical fight. The cause of the fire was also undetermined. Prior to Marrie Stewart’s autopsy, investigators were unable to say whether Marrie died from other causes.

Lt. Steiber said local residents reported hearing gunshots around the time the fire started.

Marrie’s son, Rayveon Samuel, identified her as Marie Hall and offered a comment to a group of media outlets gathering around the apartment complex.

“I know for a fact, my mom could’ve been saved by her husband, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Rayveon did not elaborate as to why he felt that way.

Southwest Gas spokesperson Sonya Headen said crews surveyed the area and confirmed that there wasn’t a gas leak and the meter was still intact, so the cause of the fire was not due to a gas leak.

The Las Vegas Sun Times’ article adds to the report of 42-year-old Marrie Stewart being strangled and dying of asphyxia due to smothering and suffocation.

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