Windows 10 Update For Surface Pro 3 And Other Devices Pushed To November

Those who own Microsoft’s most popular Windows device, the Surface Pro 3, and other PC devices will now have to wait until November for the first major Windows 10 update. WinBeta has the news.

“Microsoft is currently working on its first non-patch update for Windows 10, currently codenamed Threshold 2 and was originally supposed to launch sometime in October. But as of recently, it appears that release window may have slipped ever so slightly, as according to my sources, Threshold 2 will now launch in early November instead.”

The article goes on to note that the delay is probably for the best since it gives Microsoft some more time to develop the update. Even without the update, Windows 10 has been seen as a comeback for Microsoft. Tech Radar has given the new operating system a near-perfect rating.

“Now that Windows 10 is finished it’s clear to see that it’s a very usable and flexible operating system. Yet even when it was a much earlier work in progress, we knew it was going to be a good one.”

The review also compliments Microsoft for building an operating system that works well on as many devices as possible. The same thing definitely couldn’t be said about Windows 8. Many of the commenters after the article agree.

Windows 10, in particular, works very well with the Surface Pro 3. Even when Windows 10 was in its preview version, Gizmag was very impressed.

“Based on our time with the latest preview, we think it could transform the Surface into the futuristic mobile productivity device that Microsoft has been trying to build for years,” claimed the review.

Gizmag noted how Windows automatically switched between Tablet and Desktop mode based on whether or not the keyboard is attached. Before this, one had to manually change the mode in the settings. The preview version of Windows 10 wasn’t compatible with the Surface 3 (the lower-powered version of Microsoft’s hot device), but the current commercial version works very well with the Surface 3.

The first major Windows 10 update will be released around the same time as the Surface Pro 4. WCCF Tech talks about some of the details of the update.

“Threshold 2 builds are being tested by Windows Insiders for the past several weeks. This Wave focuses on feature optimizations, a universal Messaging app for desktop, performance enhancements, and extensions for Microsoft Edge, as shared with you earlier.”

It will be interesting to see how much of the market Windows 10-operated devices can take back from Apple OS X devices, which have gained a lot of traction over the years after consumers became disappointed with Windows. In any case, Windows 10 proves that, once again, Microsoft is still a very relevant company.

[Photo by Stephen Lam / Stringer for Getty Images]