‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Launches Gameplay Trailer And New Raid Gameplay

Earlier this week, we got wind that Bungie will be releasing a new Destiny add-on titled The Taken King. The plot of the new Destiny game involves space-demons seeking revenge, transforming the solar system into something with mutate alien killers, and who knows what else. Sounds like a great game. Bungie announced that Destiny: The Taken King will drop on September 15, which isn’t too far way.

Of course, with this new Destiny game comes new gameplay as well. Bungie announced a new gameplay feature called “King’s Fall,” which will be a form of a raid game. Sadly, King’s Fall won’t be coming out the same day as Destiny: The Taken King will, instead it will be dropping on September 18. If you are not familiar with Destiny and their raid-style game, it is basically a six-player activity that mixes combat with puzzles and other types of mechanics. Some raids that we have seen in Destiny include timed platform-jumping and stealth moments, according to Mashable.

The King’s Fall raid will be played out in a new location in Destiny: The Taken King called Dreadnaught. Bungie describes the location as a giant alien ship controlled by an all-consuming evil force.

With a new add-on coming to Destiny, there are probably new weapons, right? Destiny: The Taken King introduced a new exotic sword called raze-lighter. This will be the first sword to enter Destiny and, honestly, it looks awesome and powerful.

Also coming to Destiny: The Taken King will be a new Court of Oryz Patrol mode, if you’re into the type of thing. Players in the Dreadnaught Patrol can start public events using a new currency called Runes. There are different types of Runes, and the Rune will determine how difficult the event is and how valuable the reward will be.

If you haven’t seen the new gameplay trailer, here it is.

Even though it is only 30 seconds long and shows you brief glimpses into what we can expect of Destiny: The Taken King, it still looks pretty fun and epic. Luckily for you, the official Destiny: The Take King trailer shows a little more from the new Destiny add-on and makes you want to download it now.

Destiny: The Taken King will be able to download on September 15, but give yourself some time because Bungie will also be doing a huge update on the whole Destiny game in general, so the download might take a while.

[Image by Dan R. Krauss/ Getting Images]