Young Thug Sports A One Of A Kind Apple Watch

Young Thug has had a fantastic month following his recent electrifying European tour that saw him cement as well as grow his followership in Europe.

In regards to his UK tour, which has been among the most notable; the 23 year old rapper gave his fans an awesome show at the O2 Academy in Islington. The following is a review of the concert, according to the Guardian.

”It’s the kind of show that ends with the visible imprint of a stranger’s soles on your trainers. Phones were held up, predictably, for the biggest track of the evening, “Danny Glover,” and there was plenty of amicable shoving going on as the crowd sang along to Check and With That.”

Apparently, there were also a few flaws such as the silence between tracks, which seemed to last forever and inconsistencies with the bass, not to mention that the show seemed to have ended almost abruptly.

That said, Young Thug’s current growth has partly been attributed to his ability to create controversy with his weird fashion sense, misdemeanors, and a rapping style that borders on indecipherable mumbling at times.

On to the controversies, Young Thug had earlier this year stated that he was going to release a mixtape titled Carter 6, which would have coincided with Lil Wayne’s The Carter album series. The following is an excerpt of the statement as reported by BET.

”I’ma drop one more mixtape [before my album]. I’ll probably name it Tha Carter V, ’cause the original Carter V still ain’t came out yet. I don’t know what the f**k they doing. So I’ma put that motherf**ker out for ’em.”

This was during an interview with No Days Off Radio.

However, Young Thug later on backed away from the prospect citing an imminent legal battle with Lil Wayne if he went ahead. Young Thug ended up naming the album Barter 6 instead.

That aside, Young Thug is said to be a skilled songwriter who is able to compose songs in less than an hour. According to Radio, Young Thug at one time said he wrote “Danny Glover” in just eight minutes.

Moving away from his music and controversies, Young Thug recently posted a photo of himself donning a one of a kind Apple watch on Instagram post. Apparently, it is a 42mm Diamond Custom watch. Check out the picture and caption below.

...FIRST Custom Diamond 42mm Apple Watch in the streets!!... Photo by: @yslapparel #apple #applewatch #iceboxjewelry #ysl #udigg"

[Featured Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA]