Chelsea Houska And Adam Lind Have ‘An Awkward Encounter’ [VIDEO]

Chelsea Houska ran into her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, at the graduation of her daughter, Aubree, during Teen Mom 2 Season 6. In a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode of the show, shared by Wetpaint Entertainment on September 3, the reality star and her ex have “an awkward encounter.”

As Aubree and her class are awarded with their diplomas for completing pre-school, Chelsea Houska stands with her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, who has a bouquet of roses to give Aubree. Meanwhile, Lind and one of his male friends stand on the opposite side of the room, and Lind is seen taking a photo of his daughter.

“This is going to make me cry,” Chelsea Houska gushes during the sneak peek.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, tonight’s Teen Mom 2 also includes another awkward moment with Chelsea Houska, who reveals to friends that her daughter wants to start calling boyfriend DeBoer “dad” once he begins living with them.

Also during the episode, Chelsea Houska told friends Lind nearly missed Aubree’s graduation.

“Before her graduation, I had told Adam about it, and I was like, ‘He’s going to forget,’ ” Chelsea Houska revealed in a separate sneak peek, shared by OK! Magazine. “Then, I get a text from him and it’s like, ‘How could you not tell me about her graduation?’ I scrolled up one text, screenshot it and sent it back to him. He sounded like such an idiot!”

Things between Chelsea Houska and Lind have been tense ever since they split years ago, and judging by what fans have seen during Teen Mom 2 Season 6, they aren’t going to be getting better any time soon. However, Chelsea Houska’s relationship with DeBoer is getting better and better.

“He’s still so nice. We just get along really go. It’s been almost 10 months… He’s moving in,” Chelsea Houska told her friends.

And her daughter, Aubree, is just as happy with the new man in Chelsea Houska’s life, and would like to begin calling him “dad” once he’s living in their South Dakota home.

“She said she wants to call him dad when he moves in,” Chelsea Houska revealed.

Once Lind gets word of Aubree’s comment, he’s sure to be a bit hurt. While Lind isn’t always pegged as the best father, he does have feelings, and no dad wants their child calling someone else by their name.

For more Chelsea Houska, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on Bravo, and check out the sneak peek clip below.

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